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Post by Comrade Frank on Tue Dec 08, 2015 9:21 am

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Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to play your game and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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eUSA Forum Enforcer, Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Inquisition, High Priest of Dio Kemal Ergenekon

Ever wonder why the 'Meta Lords' allow Ronald Gipper Reagan -who is Blacklisted from Congress- to appear on the Presidential Candidate List every Presidential Election? In case you weren't looking the Election just passed partially answered that question, it's called splitting the vote; the other part is game mechanics allows him on the ballot if a party -any party- endorses him and the 'Meta Lords' can't fricken stop him. Why? Because the Meta Congress' has no 'In Game Power'.

Wild Owl, the 'Meta Lords Unity Candidate' who received the endorsement of 4 of the Top 5 parties in America -the other party he snubbed- believed he had the election won and simply mailed in a campaign, he lost and promptly left town for Romania. Gnilraps, an ex President, Easy Company Benefactor and reluctant Presidential Candidate; who received the endorsement of only one Top Tier Party -the SFP- cobbled together a campaign and won the Presidential Election; the SFP Candidate who is currently being accused of treason (In Defense of the Law, In Support of this Congress) and who Congress wishes to Impeach promptly buckled down to the task of doing the job.

What this tells me personally is two things: a) America wants change b) the citizens who do not play the meta game and play only in game tend to reward those who are active in game. Now as anyone who dares to go to the eUSA Forums can see for themselves in such threads as: The Blacklist Thread and [Vote] Blacklisting, the 'Meta Lords' are in a feeding frenzy; they are in the process of 'doing exactly what they want' and that is to Blacklist 24 American Citizens from Congress. Their 'eUSA Forum Unity' was broken, their 'Chosen Candidate' lost and now they intend to fix that; since Congress can and will do as it sees fit.

This win, this crack in the dam of 'Unity Party Politics' was swiftly met with the unleashing of the terrorist dogs of Religious War; they brought in the eUSA Forums enforcer the Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Inquisition and High Priest of Dio Kemal Ergenekon -who promptly published a scanting attack upon the Socialist Freedom Party in his article [SOP] Socialist Oppression Party?. The Secret Congressional Police where dispatched and 24 American Citizens were rounded up and without presenting any evidence of worng doing placed them before a Congressional Firing Squad; many of whom are not even members of the eUSA Forums; they are simply collateral damage and of no concern to Congress. IMHO opinion the actions of this faction of a tyrannical Congressional Majority are both illegal and terroristic, they have thrown their asses on the floor kicking a screaming like a 5 year old because they lost an election and so they are taking their ball and going home; they are once again trying to drive away from Congress active citizens who desire change.

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President Gnilraps

President Gnilraps, who right now is on the horns of a dilemma, published The Bifurcated States of America and has pointed out that currently America is a dysfunctional cluster bump, on one side are four of the Top 5 parties in America who are unfailingly unwilling to compromise on anything from taxes to National Defense; on the other side is a lone Top Tier Party who tried to tow a moderate line on all matters of concern and was met with the stone wall of the meta games 'Unity Party Politics'. The Socialist Freedom Party is a party full of Revolutionaries, we want and work toward change that will attract new citizens to America; the SFP has many members who are quick on the trigger and who I feel were goaded into open rebellion. Members who feel that Congress is ignoring the will of the 'In Game Majority' of American Citizens by enforcing the Minority will of a tyrannical 'Congressional Majority', I for one feel those who took part in the rebellion had every right to enforce the will of the 'In Game Majority'; in the end I did not take up arms in this rebellion -however that doesn't mean that I will not do so later.

'Hell, if I really thought Congress was harming eUSA, maybe I should re-establish myself as dictator and strip them of their income!'
16 Shells ~ President Gnilraps

Ah, yes the horns of a dilemma I spoke of above. The dilemma that the 'eUSA Unity Party' is tinkling their panties over is the above fact of in game mechanics. As Dictator Gnilraps has the ability to cut their revenue stream, as Dictator he has control over every CC and bar of gold America makes everyday; they don't give a 'hoot' about America -they give a 'hoot' about the 15% tax income daily. Now I want to make it clear that I do NOT believe that Gnilraps would ever consider such a move, but that 'game mechanics' ability is there and if it were any other citizen -say the Grand Inquisitor himself- I would fully expect America's treasury to disappear into a private citizens account; you know for operational security.

eRepublik was conceived as an imitation of Real Life and I feel that the Political Module -though flawed- is still the module that comes closet to Real Life, when I came here to this virtual world it had an economy that would allow you you scratch out a living buying and selling goods, foreign currency and gold; it worked well enough until the cheaters ruined it. When I first started playing as Cold Hearted Snake I had the good fortune to learn the Media Module from some of America's best writers (Lieutenant Scheisskopf), the Military Module from Patriotic America Citizens (Eugene Harlot); citizens who had the fricken intestinal fortitude to stand on their feet rather than on their knees. It was also my good fortune to have learned politics from two Master of State Craft (Gaius Julius and Emerick), one a citizen who understood as none before him had that the real power lay in the 'Meta Congress' and was the only one of those citizens not forced out by those in meta power now.

Currently America is split into two camps -parties if you will, the Fed/USWP/WTP/BSP on one side; the Socialist Freedom Party on the other. In my absence and because I was on the road I caught a lot of news programs, something I avoid at all cost normally; it was totally amazing how closely Game Politics and Real Politics sort of dove tailed into each other. We live in a RL in which political terrorism is the way to political control, a RL that the above faction of Top 5 Parties wishes to establish in this virtual world by employing the terroristic tool of Blacklisting. They wish to enforce political unity, controlled by a minority 'Congressional Majority' through intimidation and exclusion; they are employing religious terroristic tactics through a Holy Inquisition led by Grand Inquisitor and High Priest of Dio Kemal Ergenekon.

For those of you who voted for Gnilraps as your President and Not Dictator, now is the time to heed his words and get involved; join a party and work for change. To those of you who have been Blacklisted from Congress, they say you may approach them concerning your reinstatement; I advise you so in the General eRepublik Discussion and in your party sub forum on the eUSA Forums. If you truly desire change then you can no longer remain on the sidelines, you must chose between religious terrorism or Democratic rule.

In the end I wish to leave you with two thoughts and a question. Under the Defensive Dictatorship the way to control of America is through the White House. George Washington was a traitor to the British Crown. When is it morally justified to violently overthrow a 'Meta Congress' run on an outside forum, whose 'Congressional Majority' no longer reflects the will of the 'In Game Majority' of American Citizens? Join the Revolution and get involved with your government.

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and interact with our Community of Activist.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...
...it's 4:20 somewhere.

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Comrade Franklin Stone
Socialist Freedom Party
Strength & Honor
C'est la vie, mon chéri....
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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:56 am

Since I am not a Congress Member and as such my words would either remain unapproved, be modded to the Sand Box or file 13ed in Public Congressional Proceedings I have decided to bring the following points before the People.

Currently 24 American Citizens -many of them Socialist Freedom Party Members, some of whom simply contributed to the Bear Cavalry MU- are being Blacklisted and it is my belief that Constitutional Code has been violated in the process; the OP and Proposal having been heavily edited DURING the Proposal Process. The Constitutional Code is as follows:

1.21 Proposals
Before a proposal can be made, a member of Congress (hereafter "member") must pose the subject for discussion and allow 24 hours to pass. The SOH or DSoH may waive this requirement if necessary. Ten members must approve an identically worded proposal for it to come to a vote.

Now IMO that means the Proposal must be IDENTICALLY worded as the OP Discussion, not push the Proposal through and then go back and make the Proposal match the OP Discussion. IMO this should have been handled on a case by case basis, even if that meant 24 separate threads; it should be extremely hard to perma ban citizens from Congress not a Witch Hunt led by the Grand Inquisitor of the Holy Inquisition and High Priest of Dio Kemal Ergenekon and his 'Meta Lords' handlers.

Again I will point out that these are my personal opinions. I therefore encourage every citizen to read these forums and form your own opinion. Keep in mind that only under a Dictator does this 'Meta Congress' have any power at all, it is only when there is no 'In Game Congress' that the 'Meta Lords' weld power. For those of you who are being Blacklisted from Congress, here is your chance to voice your opinions concerning Congress.

As President Gnilraps has pointed out 'in game', it is time to step up; if you want change you gotta get involved.
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