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Post by Comrade Frank on Sun Aug 02, 2015 1:32 pm

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Below is the Weekly/Monthly Budget for the eUSA government, to me there are several things wrong with this budget; starting with no indication of how much is coming in through Tax Revenue. Second where is the previous weeks expenditures and how much was sent to the already enormous War Chest? Why is there a Budget line -of 25,000 CC- for Arm America when it isn't even being run? Where is the break down of how the United States Armed Forces (USAF) spent their Budget? Every day America generates between 60,000 and 80,000 CC in Tax Revenue, taking the lowest amount and multiplying it by 30 days gives America 1,800,000 CC per month at a minimum and 2,400,000 CC maximum; my question is where the hell is it all going?

I.   Executive
Line U1. MPP Costs:            $60,000/240,000
II.  Defense
Line U2. USAF:                   $80,000/320,000
Line U3. AA:                      $25,000/100,000
III. Interior
Line U4. DoCA                    $25,000/100,000
IV.   Treasury
Line U5. Reserve                 Remaining
TOTAL:                              $190,000/760,000

Over the last few months the Socialist Freedom Party has grown from around 50+ citizens to 100+ citizens and are about to become a Top Tier Party, the SFP has influenced Congressional Elections and has advocated for socially responsible programs such a Bank Up 2 Strength Up, Meals on Wheels and Question of the Day, this advocacy has caused the current 'eUSA government' to announce the combining of the Departments of Interior and Education into one Department of Citizen Affairs opening September 5th. During one recent Congressional Session these two Departments -which are being consolidated into the DoCA- were granted a 25,000 CC Budget Line, along with 25,000 CC allotted to Arm America; which hopefully we will see opening to ALL Americans soon. I also believe that funding should be allocated to the newly formed Social Security, hopefully the incoming Secretary of the DoCA will inform American citizens what this programs does for citizens; I hope soon to also see this program open to ALL Americans.

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SFP's choice for CP

The Socialist Freedom Party recently held their Party Dictator Primaries and with 74% of the votes cast BeachBunny has won the Socialist Freedom Party's Dictator Endorsement. Personally I voted for BB because I know she is a socially minded citizen who has been running all of the government supply programs and the MRE program for the AMP; she also wishes to expand America's Foreign Affairs to make new Allies in the world. I hope to see her reestablish Arm America as a way to supply ALL Americans and hopefully she will expand and support the Social Security program

She is also -I believe- a citizen such as my self who believes that supplies once given can be used as that citizen sees fit, they are supplies used daily to work and train by every citizen requesting them; however there are many citizens who believe the mantra 'High Strength. Low Level' and only fight every 4/5 days or not at all and therefore have leftover supplies. It is my belief and the belief of the SFP that those supplies can and should be sold on the market for extra CC as a 'Soldiers Salary' or 'Bonus', these programs are a great way for the 'eUSA government' to return tax revenue to those Americans who need it; I can not speak for BB, but I believe she is a socially minded citizen who will agree with me.  

Please join SFP and BeachBunny in casting a vote for her tomorrow, August 5th. She will make this country a better place for all of us!
Vote BB4CP! No matter who you vote for just be sure to get out and vote tomorrow!

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We The People Benefactor

America has been told for the last couple of years that the 'Media Module' is dead, on top of that the 'Political Module' is also dead; plus the 'Economic Module' is FN non existent and so in the end this game -eRepublik- is dying. Well, take a look around this virtual world of ours; open your eyes and THINK FOR YOURSELF! IMO the Socialist Freedom Party has proven beyond doubt that the first two of those statements are completely false; I will give you that the 'Econ Mod' is plastic driven and unless you are a 'Whale' -in the Vegas sense- companies are out of the question. However, if the 'Media Module' is broken why is the WTP's Oblige suddenly willing to pay gold for articles? Probably right about now Oblige is thinking, 'Here it comes!' and he would be right. I have suggested to the SFP that we should be paying Writers for their work, not nearly what the WTP is willing to pay; but IMO Oblige's new program is a very socially aware one that will -hopefully- encourage new citizens to get into writing.

The Socialist Freedom Party has a team of writers -I call them the 'Wild Bunch'- of young writers, a few who are completely new to the Media and since I know how hard it is to write for public consummation I wish to encourage them and others to continue writing; there are also many Old Guard writers who deserve payment for their work. For the last couple of days I have considered running for Party President, a position I am wholly unqualified to fill; however I was this very morning once again reminded that the SFP is a 'Wild Bunch'. This morning I put my name up for Party President because this Party is a team, it is a crazy bunch of Revolutionist whose ideas are at this very minute being implemented by the 'eUSA government'; a government who has done nothing but take all the credit for the People's Work.

As Party President I would support: a) creation of a Party Budget voted on by SFP Members b) creation of a Party Media Editor with a Budget Line to pay writers c) the creation of a People's Assembly where ALL our members have a voice. So I am announcing my run for Party President and I am asking the SFP membership to step forth and volunteer to aid me in OUR quest to become a Top Tier Party. I am asking you -the members of SFP- to run with me for Party President.

Please join SFP and BeachBunny in casting a vote for her tomorrow, August 5th.
Join the Revolution!
Get out and vote!

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and have your say without being trolled.
Join the Bear Cavalry and volunteer to fight for freedom across the World.

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