[TTH] Is This Loyalty?

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[TTH] Is This Loyalty?

Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:45 am

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In my previous article I asked [TTH] What is Loyalty?, below is the response I received over on the partisan eUSA Forums. I want to thank former Joint Chief of Staff member and current Commander of the Mando'ad, Synesi for his response to my question. Read the follow and judge for yourself whether you think his idea of loyalty is the same as your own, if it not I urge you to vote for one of the following parties in the Congressional Elections: We The People, American Military Party or The Black Sheep Party. Currently the two biggest parties in America, who collectively represent only 20% of America, controls Congress. Help break that control by voting for one of the three above parties.

'I do not have screenshots because there is no reason for me to ever have taken screenshots. The orders to fight on the opposite side of the battle were given in their milforum on their orders subforum, it was done many times. They did not hide what they were doing. Go ask Cyberwitch yourself,ask any JCS who was around during that time(Hint:I was a sitting JCS during that time), ask any PotUS who had to deal with them during that time. I'm not going to do your journalism for you when I know what I am talking about.' ~synesi

Believe that George Armstrong Custer once used that argument and was told, 'No Screenshot, No Happened.'
Sorry, the same rule applies here.

'Franklin, I will tell you of loyalty.
Your first mistake is that you are applying real life principles to a game. This is a game, with fake countries and fake organizations. As soon as you make a friend in this game, loyalty to country no longer matters. You are now loyal to your friend, then you meet more friends and you are loyal to them. Friendship and respect hold infinitely more loyalty than a fake country in a game ever will.'

To me your first mistake is not applying real life principles to this game. Yes, it is a game with fake everything. I agree that once you make an 'acquaintance' in game they will eventually become your 'friend', where we differ is I would only become friends with citizens who showed 'strength and honor' in their dealings with not just me; but the community as a whole. If I have a 'acquaintance' who can't demonstrate loyalty to the 'fake country' they chose to play for when signing up, why would I expect them to show loyalty to my 'faux persona'? In every game you chose a side on which to play and you don't switch sides in the middle, after that it's all pretend.

'There is a reason that every time a charismatic leader leads his group out of it's primary unit, large numbers will follow. When the JCS left, they still had a large amount of people who stayed LOYAL to the JCS, instead of the democratically elected game government. When Roper left with the Sheep, look how many went with him and how many are with him now. Why did this happen? It happened because the members were more loyal to a person than to the idea of helping a fake country. And that doesn't even go into saying how many people aren't living in the real USA anyways, so what loyalty at all would they have to a concept of eUSA.' ~synesi

It doesn't matter where in the real world they actually live, being American is more about the ideals of democracy and freedom; when they picked America to be born into it was more about their knowledge of those American freedoms than anything. The eUS Military and the Black Sheep showed loyalty to their 'friends' over the 'democratically' elected 'fake government' of a 'fake country' elected by a mere 20% of America, you are butt hurt because a group of friends did exactly what you have advocated here; they stayed loyal to each other over a 'fake country'. BTW, there's a cream for that 'butt hurt' ya know....

'Citizens in a game are loyal to each other before they are loyal to eCountry. Every time.

Now onto your question of why do we demonify the JCS and Black Sheep, while we don't do the same for pfeiffer? The reason is that the JCS and BS effectively gave the finger to this entire community when they left and continue to do so with their demeanor and words.

I personally don't really care that pfeiffer went to fight for a different country. If he went over there and had fun, then good for him, I am happy for him. I am happy to compete against people whom I am friends with. I would assume that others feel the same way.

The game is useful to give direction for a community to point itself, but that game is not enough to cause friends to shun other friends solely because they wanted to gain new experiences from a different meta country. The point of this game is to have a good time and meet new people, the point is NOT to make your country "win" in a game that has no win scenario.'

You have stated that citizens are loyal to their friends over any fake country and that they should be, yet here you are butt hurt that another group of friends were loyal to each other over the a fake 'government' who represents a mere 20% of a fake 'country'. You are upset that the eUS Military and the Black Sheep gave and continue to give the 'finger' to the entire community, while condoning a citizen who gave and continues to give the 'finger to the entire community' by defecting to the enemy and becoming a Political Leader, Congress Member and FA Advisor; then coming back and braking IES Laws by refusing to follow Congressional Procedures. You believe it is acceptable to 'gain new experiences from a different meta country' and that the point is 'to have a good time and meet new people', yet the fake 'USA Government' ostracized and accused a citizen of disloyalty who had done just that; all while allowing your 'friends' to do exactly the same things.

The problem with Loyalty based on friendship is deciding to which friend you are most loyal?
There is only one country to which you must have loyalty, my place and your place of birth; America.  

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