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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:41 am

What is Loyalty? Mech_unit_zpsc9f69648

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What is Loyalty? Giants%20ad%20q1043

What is Loyalty? Morningblur_zpsba6463ab
...cause without screenshots it never happened!

Recently in The Tin Hat this comment was directed towards me, first let me say I have never claimed to be an 'American Hero', also I need to make clear I do not speak for Easy Company Militia nor We The People; I speak only as a loyal American Soldier and a politically active party member.

In no uncertain terms morningblur made it clear that because my 'damage on the battlefield is insignificant ' and because I did not 'donate large sums to the eUSA.', that my opinion as an American has no weight. While morningblur and his Faction of the USA Government 'may not always agree with everything some of our most well known citizens do', he and they are willing to let them slide; while persecuting others for doing exactly what they forgive in 'American Heros'.

'The eUS Mil has repeatedly shown itself to be unreliable and in many cases its members actively fight against the eUS and its allies, some even bragging about it on their feeds. You might be sheltered from this, but it happens, and it's frustrating as hell. I like Largo, don't think this is a statement about Largo, but his fighters have no loyalty to this country. If you're asking that we make USAF more like this, fuck off.' ~Kortanul

First I must say that if a eUS Military Soldier -or any soldier- fights against America or our allies, then they should be viewed with suspicion; there are ways to express opposition to the USA Government without fighting against America. Fighting against America or one of our allies is unacceptable and should be punished with dismissal from the MU, now the argument will be made for soldiers who are 'Tanks' that their damage out ways the 'disloyalty' of fighting against America; uh...if they are disloyal their damage belongs to the other side already.

While the eUS Military is being condemned for the disloyalty of 'some' of their members an 'American Hero' who defected and became a Party President, a 2 time Congress member and Foreign Affairs Officer for an enemy country is given a pass and clearance from IES. He left America when we were down and out without bonuses and only returned when it was monetarily profitable to him, then upon his return broke IES regulations by refusing to follow procedure; while ramming his citizenship through back channels of the USA Government without any discussion in Congress.

A Top 5 party, The Black Sheep Party, and their PMU VMA-214 The Black Sheep are being condemned for supposed crimes against the USA Government, much like another party in America's past who were condemned by the USA Government for disloyalty; yet an 'American Hero' who virtually walks out the door of the White House and straight to the other side gets a pass. Yet it seems that anyone who voices their disagreement with the USA Government or wishes to hold the USA Government accountable are wanting to divide America; they are being disloyal and plain stupid.

Currently there are two exiled Americans -one of whom like another citizen from our past was blacklisted- who are very active in Canadian Politics, DMV3 is the current Party President of the Suffer Party as well as Commander of Rylde's Whorehouse and Current Party President of the Canadian Shaved Beaver Party the Commander of Pickle's Patriots, thedillpickl; it is my belief that both of these citizen contributed at least to the second of the mentioned categories. Now the parties and military units to which they belong may not be the most powerful, but the fact that they even exist shows dedication and loyalty. IMO, it was their contribution to Canada which helped to end the Canadian War, they made it too expensive for the USA Government then in charge to maintain; contributions and loyalty to their 'adopted' country that America could have used during the recent Argentine Air Strike in Mexico.

There is a huge difference between the 'USA Government' and what I consider America, the current USA Government is uncommunicative with and abusive to it's citizens; it condones 'American Heros' who defect to the enemy and who support a citizen who wished to personify an active terrorist who beheads innocent civilians in the Congressional Forums on the eUSA Forums. It was said that it was a joke and it was 'stupid' to be upset over an avatar, yet it took around an hour for him to change it; an avatar which apparently is now removed or hidden. My dislike of that avatar had nothing to do with the avatar itself and everything to do with the ideas it conveyed, this is a citizen -who is a Congress Member for the USWP- is not someone I want representing America; this citizen's 'actions' make his accusations meaningless and tarnishes the USWP's reputation.

So until I see screenshots proving a eUS Military soldier was fighting against America or our allies, not simply fighting for an Ally elsewhere; it never happened.

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What is Loyalty? Empty Re: What is Loyalty?

Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:42 am

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[Discussion] Censor of Pfeiffer
[PROPOSAL] Censure and Blacklist Pfeiffer
[VOTE] Censure and Blacklist Pfeiffer

'You fought for the enemy against American Interest in a core region and yet you feel you don't owe Congress , if not all of America, and explanation?
I support censure from Congress and all Congressional Committees and Blacklisting, until such a time as he offers not only an explanation but restitution for any and all cost America incurred in defense of an American core region.'

I fought for the US more than I fought for the UK, while I was a citizen of the UK. I never hit against the US. When specifically asked to fight somewhere by my MU, I fought there. They knew never to ask me to fight against the US, for Serbia, or for Poland. I don't have anything to explain.

United States Workers Party

USWP Scandal
The United States Workers Party Scandal” occurred in the United States of America during the ATLANTIS invasion of France in December 2008. The United States Workers Party was the largest party in the US, and the New World, controlling 37% of the United States Congress at the time and had, in the last election, declared support for President Benn Dover, arguably providing him enough votes to win the election he otherwise would not have won.

William Shafer, a US Army general, not long after, released an article claiming that the USWP leaders were orchestrating a plan to undermine the President to stop the war under the assumption that President Dover had lied to Congress about the reasons for the war. Dover had claimed that the US was participating to liberate Switzerland from France, but in light of an ATLANTIS attempt to totally conquer France, the truth of this claim was disputed and a media firestorm ensured.

Before the declaration of war, France had negotiated with Switzerland for their independence, and there was no concrete proof that the Swiss formally requested ATLANTIS intervention. Some, in the USWP and elsewhere, called the war imperialistic rather than an act of heroism. Former US President, Prime Minister Dishmcds, United Kingdom, argued that the French Congress had voted ‘no’ to Swiss independence, leading to a public relations fiasco in the United States for all involved in the affair. To make matters worse, USWP leader Rocco Baldelli published an ardent campaign article to stop the war and bring all the troops to retreat. The USWP was in talks with the French President and pushing for an end to war in foreign media, which General Shafer called ‘treasonous,’ and President Dover agreed.

A debate broke out between those who called themselves pro-war and those who called themselves anti-imperialists. Some called for the downfall of the USWP, and many asserted that there was no evidence of treachery, and a faction claimed that President Dover was slandering the USWP to garner support for his war.

There was no clean resolution to the ‘scandal,’ with Shafer leaving for Russia, President Dover stepping down after a second term, and the USWP putting the event behind them. There was not much talk in the media after the fact.

I mentioned the eUS Military simply because they are a Top 5 military unit and they are private, while I agree that they are undisciplined and disorganized they were once funded by the government and highly valued as such; are they a good example of a PMU? Hell, no. A PMU also in the Top 5 is SHIELD and one IMO that is a good example of a young PMU, similar in many ways to Easy Company they try hard to emulate the best; although they -like Easy Company- would not take it I would love to see them get funding .

'It may not be a rule written down somewhere, but loyalty to ones country is one rule you don't break; DMV showed loyalty to America until he was blacklisted and then he showed loyalty to his adopted country Canada -all while neither fighting in nor attacking an American core region.'

'Pfeiffer became a Party President, a 2 time Congress member and Foreign Affairs Officer; the only reason he wasn't Country President is cause the Brits knew better. He left America when we were down and out without bonuses and only returned when it profitable to him. Upon return he refused to follow procedure and rammed his citizenship through without any discussion via back channels. Yes, if DMV is removed from the blacklist, his citizenship returned and he is not censured; I would be willing to treat Pfeiffer in the same manner -however if DMV deserves to remain blacklisted, then Pfeiffer deserves the same.'

'No, we should punish Pfeiffer for defecting to the enemy, becoming a Party President and 2 time Congress member; for being a Foreign Affairs Officer to an enemy country and mostly for fighting against American Interest on American soil. Those are not the actions of an American loyalist, they are the crimes of a traitor.'

'Pfeiffer didn't break Congressional Rules, however he defected to the enemy, became a PP, a 2 term Congressional member, a FA Officer and fought for the enemy in a core American region; although after being forced out DMV did basically the same thing only better he never attack or fought in an American core region. Roper, Unna and other's theft of millions was repaid and accepted by Congress, you may not like it, but case closed.

This is about loyalty, DMV was forced out, Pfeiffer left on his own because he sought profit...'

'Even though he requested he be blacklisted, being on that list pretty much forces you to go elsewhere; the point being Pfeiffer chose profit over America and fought on American soil to maintain it.'

'This has never been just about Pfeiffer, this is about an ex President who left the White House and went straight over to the enemy; who then tried with all his might to keep America wiped over butt hurt. All this blacklisting and censuring BS was started and pushed forward by the very citizens who now claim it is all partisan BS; for me it is about loyalty and Pfeiffer's lack thereof. The issues being discussed may be 10 months old, but if he did once; he'll damn sure do it again.'

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