Rewrite of [WHPR] DeepChill Defeats Rainy Sunday

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Rewrite of [WHPR] DeepChill Defeats Rainy Sunday

Post by Comrade Frank on Sat Dec 06, 2014 7:05 am

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Join a Party Today! Vote for Party President Dec 15th!

Chillin’ in the White House
By: Franklin Stone

It is with great pride that I wish to congratulate DeepChill on winning the Presidency. Once again a member and leader of the most prominent Private Military Unit in America, Easy Company Militia, will be leading our country. In the coming days my belief is America will see great changes, anyone who can keep both Henry Pfeiffer Arundel and myself fighting on the same side is a God. It is my belief that Deepchill will work on building an inclusive government, a government of encouragement and mentorship sponsored by well organized Government Departments, with a National Reserve of somewhere around 20 million Country Currency (CC) there is nothing America cannot accomplish. A government whose elected leaders strive to attract and retain new citizens, a government that strives to encourage and build a community of loyal citizens; a community of loyal educated new citizens who will become the new leaders of America.

This Presidential Election cycle was FN spectacular, two well respected and truly deserving candidates ran a very close and clean race; the only bad thing to happen was someone divided by zero and caused a hole in the universe -I am hoping for a rematch. Even though still only 25% of America voted; it was a strong 24%; I am simply glad we didn't decline any. One thing I wish to mention to begin with is, as my friend Ziggy knew and understood, it is all about participation. eRepublik could be the greatest game in world, but if the gaming environment is so boring, caustic or demeaning to a new citizen that they either shut up and 2 Click or worse leave is sure death; nobody wants to play with a bully. Having played this game for sometime now it is also obvious that politics -like war- in eRepublik comes down to the numbers, I mean after all this is a war game and what is politics if not a war of ideologies; no?  In the last Congressional Elections some where near 25% of 3000+ Americans turned out to vote for our Congressional Leaders, that means 75% of the American population are either 'bot farm members', had nothing to say or they felt as though their voice would go unheard. So this is my call to the 75% of Americans who make up this game's 'Silent Majority' -GET INVOLVED!

United States Armed Forces Update
By: Franklin Stone

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Military Deterrence as the military strategy under which one power uses the threat of reprisal effectively to preclude an attack from an adversary power. Currently the standing army for the 'eUSA Government' is the Unites States Armed Forces (USAF). America's standing army is under the direct command of the President, thus it provides a National Military Unit that without question follows Presidential Orders and in theory provides the 'eUSA Government' with a Military Deterrent to use as a negotiating tool in Foreign Affairs.

Currently the United States Armed Forces is America's standing army, which is under the direct command of the President and is supported with a 60,000 Country Currency (CC) per week/ 240,000 CC per month budget line (US Government Budget November 2014), though over recent weeks they have been running on a weekly budget of only 30,000 CC (DoD Budget - 12/1/14); which through the hard work of Department of Defence (DoD) has been cut from 120,000 per week.

A department of the USAF is the Arm America Program to supply all citizen with  and weapons and has a 50,000 CC weekly budget line, this program is opened only when mass attacks or a critical battle occurs and brings the total budget of the USAF to 110,000 per week/440,000 per month.  Another department the DoD created back in July of 2014 to help new citizens with Training Center upgrades and Training Contracts is the 'Strength Enhancement Program ' (SEP), this program combined with the USAF supply system created ‘Flight Training’; a new citizen program similar to using the Bank Up 2 Strengthen Up (BU2SU) program in combination with either Easy Company Militia’s Military Fitness Academy or SHEILD’s HAMMER War Collegeprogram.

Below are the current supply levels for the USAF. Division 1 and 2 soldiers making up ‘Flight Training’, Trainees who fight every 4 days unless called up by the DoD to fight in important battles. This leaves Division 3 and 4 soldiers to make up the bulk of the daily fighting force of the USAF.

Division 1 - Normal
2 Drops of 4 Tanks
40 Q5 Food when Requested
0.5 gold on first request into DoDSEP Account

Division 1 - Strong (>25k Q7 hit)
2 Drops of 10 Tanks
100 Q5 Food when Requested
0.5 gold on first request into DoDSEP Account

Divison 2 - Low Level (Level 45 and under)
2 Drops of 4 Tanks
40 Q5 Food when Requested
0.5 gold on first request into DoDSEP Account

Divison 2 - Normal (Level 46-50)
2 Drops of 6 Tanks
60 Q5 Food when Requested

Divison 2 - Strong (>35k Q7 hit)
2 Drops of 10 Tanks
100 Q5 Food when Requested

Division 3 - Normal
3 Drops of 10 Tanks

Division 3 - Strong (>70k Q7 hit)
3 Drops of 12 Tanks

Division 4 - Normal
3 Drops of 15 Tanks

Division 4 - Elite (Level 101 and up)
3 Drops of 30 Tanks

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