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Post by Comrade Frank on Tue Oct 04, 2016 11:09 am

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If you have not clicked on the Socialist Freedom Party link above, please press that one. Ah, I see you're back. Confused? I bet. What you saw is how Party Dictator Cerb defaced the home of one of the oldest parties in eRepublik with his unilateral unconstitutional decision making. Even after receiving almost total disapproval from the oldest and most active members of the SFP he simply did as he wished. In my last article, I proposed a scenario, which I can neither prove nor disprove. Yet the scenario is very plausible no matter the actors.

Now I have been accused by Pfeiffer. of being a cheater and for a brief moment I was to which I have confessed my guilty many times. Yes, I became reformed. To tell the truth, it was my affliction of terminal laziness that ended it. Now in my article, [TTH] Vote Orikfricai for Dictator, I pointed out permabanned citizen Coxswain McGillicutty, I refer to that citizen because I have heard it said the Dictator Cerb has reformed. Really? So, have I. So has chickensguys. I would venture to say that even Ronald Gimper Reagan would claim reformation. Hell, I will even throw in an article with a public apology for standing against the meta-government. From where I sit Dictator Cerb has not changed one iota and like his friend Pfeiffer. wants all power in his hands.

BTW, I much prefer Belgian Waffles and fruit...

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You may ask yourself, 'Why is he so hung up on Socialist Freedom Party name?' First, let me take a stab at defining what I see as more of a Movement than a party. The meta-government and those who support it continue to try and define 'Socialist' as a political form of government. To begin with, I am against all forms of government above the State Level and that's stretching the matter. A while back Pfeiffer. made the statement that he was the only true Socialist in the game and unfortunately, if you define the word socialist as a political belief then he is correct. He wishes to have all power in his hands and total control of all Tax Revenue, so, in essence, America is presently a Socialist country led by a Dictator with all power in his hands.

However, to me, a Socialist is someone who wishes to build a community. A community where instead of the meta-government owning massive communes to supply a National Military Unit the people own enough weapons and food companies to be self-sufficient. In fact, IMHO it is the existence of communes which ruined what little market existed in eRepublik. If every citizen produced enough to sustain themselves in battle there would be no need for a weapons or food market nor would there be a need to supply a National MU or for that matter any MU aside from the Community such a unit provides. A program to help citizens build infrastructure to me would be more beneficial thaa gold for training centers that is now more meaningless than ever, the only exception would Preception Training if it doesn't end up like Regional Officials.

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