I signed up to play eRepublik

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I signed up to play eRepublik

Post by Comrade Frank on Sat Aug 13, 2016 12:39 pm

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
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Join the Revolution, get out and vote!

Right now our government believes there are two schools of thought on how to play this game: Mechanical or Role Playing.

Those who believe in Mechanics believe that the only way to play any game is to take full advantage of the mechanical rules of the game. Those who believe in Role Playing believe that only those mechanics that further their narrative should be used. For me, it is neither and it is both. This game is a Role Playing game that is built around the Mechanics of the rules, however, it is not like a paper and pencil RPG where one of your Homies is the GM.  The basic Mechanics of the game can not be changed, that sadly is the purvue of Plato and his Minions.

Yet, even that statement isn't completely true because the eUSA Forums and its meta-government found a way to change them, the 'Dictator Law'. Using a Legislative Branch and a Official Constitution and Code whose only important line is, 'Congress shall organize itself as it sees fit.' They discussed, proposed, voted on and implemented the 'Dictator Law.' In one plurality vote (where some votes are counted a less than a whole vote) the meta-government of the eUSA Forums took away all Congressional Mechanics. Role Playing at it's best and remember, 'Don't talk about Fight Club.'

There are many mechanical rules an American Government should use and one such use of mechanics I agree with is the 2% Tax Rate. A low rate allows the common citizen to retain more of the work salary they earn for their one or two work clicks per day. Another mechanic I agree with using is the Import Tax to keep Foreign product off our Markets. I believe we should implement a 99% Import Tax. Another mechanic I agree with is the Value Added Tax (VAT) which I believe should be set at 25%. Both of those taxes are taxes imposed on company owners and not the common citizen and will tax the wealthiest citizens among us.

One I do not agree with is the Dictator Mechanic, which removes the mechanics of Congress and yes it is what they will call Role Playing. Essentially it is claimed by the meta-government that the Dictator Mechanic is being used as a shield to protect themselves during our night time hours, even though it has twice been shown by Thailand that the Dictator Mechanic doesn't protect us. Actually, it simply gives those in power in the meta-government time to react. It also means we have no friends who are willing to have our backs during their prime time and our night time.  Shortly if it hasn't already that shield will begin costing millions to maintain, an expense which is not listed in the Budget yet I am pretty sure when the money is needed will receive 'emergency' approval through the SCI.

Currently, America has no National Military Unit, the United States Armed Forces having been defunded and is now a privately held MU. Because of that fact maybe the eUSA Forum meta-government is correct and maybe they are not, however, it has always been my belief that America would be able to withstand an attack.  My belief is that units like Easy Company, War Inc. and VMA-214 The Black Sheep, even small units like the Bear Cavalry and S.H.I.E.L.D. would defend their Homeland. Maybe it would be a difficult War but when was the last time America fought a war with any meaning, killing Redcoats in Training Wars is fun but I mean come on who really cares?

As I have said many times I am for using the mechanics that benefit the greatest number of American Citizens, the three Tax Laws which I have mentioned, not a select group of citizens who seldom if ever come here and play eRepublik. I am against mechanics which remove in-game powers such as those given to Congressional Members and give Dictatorial Power to an out of game Forums filled with citizens who no longer play eRepublik. With the Dictator Law in place citizens who no longer play eRepublik, one of whom publicly quit by washing his hands of the USAF, can continue to have Congressional access and power within the eUSA Forums meta-government. IMHO, if you quit playing eRepublik then you should be stripped of ALL access to the part of the eUSA Forums which deal with eRepublik or better yet move the Congressional Sub-Forums elsewhere.

Join the Revolution, get out and vote!
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