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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Apr 20, 2016 9:42 am

Sunshine_WTP wrote:
1. Move public congressional proceedings ingame (increases transperancy, dilutes the influence of the permanent congressional trolls)

I fail to see how this will dilute the influence of trolls. You'll have even more trolls and foreigners hopping into our discussions. How would we have discussions about declarations of war and other sensitive discussions? Shouldn't there be some measure of control over who has the information and who does not?

In game PMs would handle that very nicely, the SFP has been using in game PMs for months now...

Sunshine_WTP wrote:
2. Democratize institutions like IES, CBO, Economic council, SCI (rotation in membership, open and free elections, or better yet, cancellation)

At this point, EC and CBO are titular titles that disperse and hold cash. The players in those groups wield very little power. I would agree with capital restrictions on SCI however, I'd love to see some SFP folks propose something to that regard -- it is something I'd definitely support.

EC and CBO should be restructured into one program, the funding in both kept in a Government CBO Org which all of Congress can visually see for themselves; new citizens ELECTED to the CBO every 3 months with monthly reports due on the 6th of each month.

Sunshine_WTP wrote:
3. Abolish the dictatorship (allow for anonymity in congressional voting)

So, we want transparency but we also want privacy for votes? Which is it? I think that if you are truly convinced that you are right about something, you should express your support to the world.

By transparency I mean the Government keeping American citizens informed concerning such things as additions to our Alliance. By transparency I mean why are we not holding DMJohnston, the Department of Defense and their supporters responsible for 2+ years of misappropriated tax funding on a piece of shit USAF? By anonymity I mean being able to vote against the Dictatorship even though your party demands you vote for the Dictatorship. Peer pressure works in 'Meta Congress' just like it did in grade school.

Sunshine_WTP wrote:
4. Hold party primaries ingame (something even we fail at some times, but we try maximizing it)

For some parties, this would be a logistical nightmare. WTP uses our website and our forums, I'd like to be able to get our nominations AND our polls on our off-site wtpparty.tk website.

First 'Your' forums are simply sub forums of the larger problem of the cesspool on the eUSA Forums, along with the USWP. Only the BSP, the Feds and the SFP (not sure if AMP still has theirs) actually have their own Forums. Holding Party Congressional Primaries on a stand alone forum would be acceptable, doing the same on the eUSA Forum; not acceptable. For me what legitimizes a political party is their ownership of a Forum, they are free and easy to use; even the best MU in America has their own forum. Out of all these forums the eUSA Forums is the only one run by software which requires a 'server' $45 RL cash to operate, it is also the only one controlled by essential a 'Hate Group' who pays that expense of running the forum.

Sunshine_WTP wrote:
5. Abolish the use of blacklisting and censures

I think there are some individuals that have been given several chances (not referring to those in the bill that this thread is based on) and have shown that they mean nothing but harm to the US. There ought to be a way to remove those individuals from the system, just as SFP removes hostile takeovers from their own leadership.

Abolish both Blacklisting and Censure on the Congressional Level, these punishment should be done on the Party Level. SFP did not remove a hostile takeover, we simply decided that if a hostile takeover happened Public Opinion would condemn any such attempt on a Top 5 party; SFP does not and will not support the hostile takeover of any party.

Sunshine_WTP wrote:

6. Put a term limit on senior cabinet positions
Disagree. What if we don't have someone else qualified for the spot? What if someone is sick or has real-life obligations for a month?

This is a hard question to answer, even those there now have those problems; but I agree that their must be a limit.

Sunshine_WTP wrote:
7. Disconnect government programs from meta forums or forms

Forms are just a way to reduce the effort it takes to administer some of these large programs. I would like to see more automization of these forms -- WTP's Whalefare is a very good example of a good automated form.

Agree that all programs need to be removed for the eUSA Forums. IMO, iSpy failed due to lack of eUSA Forum 'Meta Government' support. No to abandoning Forms and yes to making them automated.

Sunshine_WTP wrote:
8. cut down on the excessive use of forum privileges and access restrictions

Forum privileges and access restrictions?

Could you cite a few? I am a moderator on several portions of the forum and the most I do is keep threads civil (to some degree), I've helped Frank start up his own music thread which unfortunately has died Sad.

Private Congressional access to 'Advisers', if the President wants any advisory s/he should start an in game PM or start a forum thread with their advisers and withou disclosing OpSec seek their advice.

Sunshine_WTP wrote:

just to name a few...however, clearly not everything can be solved through mechanisms, norms have to change..

That is the truth!
Comrade Frank
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