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Post by Comrade Frank on Mon Dec 21, 2015 4:29 pm

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Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to play your game and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Revolution ~The Beatles

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Cold Hearted Snake

As many citizens have pointed out -time and time again- I started playing this game back in 2009 as Cold Hearted Snake. Now I have also admitted that back then I cheated my ass off by hiding behind a VPN, one which switched my IP Address every 30 minutes. In fact it wasn't until I decided it was no longer worth the $15.95 (BTW it can be done for free) a month, that I even got caught. Back in the days when we had Leaders such as Gaius Julius and others were urging America to remain outside any alliance, back when military leaders such as Eugene Harlot attacked when it was totally unnecessary; leaders who didn't assume the fetal position behind their Defensive Dictator Shield.

It was apparent even then that there were some who wanted the eUSA to travel the road of appeasement, to move toward a more old world totalitarian outlook; so they adapted the philosophies of Dio Brando and warped his beliefs into support for totalitarian parties such as the iNCi -who extorted America- and before them SEES. Rather than adapting a position of strength and honor they decide to rule by Religious Inquisition and the Dictatorial Terrorism of Congressional Majority Rule. In hindsight -which is always 20/20- I believe it was because of the prevailing winds of change that I decided it wasn't worth $15.95 to cheat, rather than live on my knees I decide to do myself in; kind of my way of committing cyber suicide.

Cold Hearted Snake got banned and after some words with Plato over some -what I considered non infractions- two other personas were also banned for helping my wife play the game, sadly helping someone on the same IP address is an infraction of eRepublik Game Rules; while using a VPN to multi isn't. So I would encourage eRepublik Labs to follow Netflix in banning VPN users, the only way your game survives is with new growth; that growth won't happen until the cheaters are controlled. So what I learned and what I hope America as a whole has learned from my mistakes is that so long as I DO NOT help a Citizen -with gold, CC or supplies- I can have a hundred citizens at my disposal on my IP address; I can use them to vote and if I am smart enough I can filter their earnings to myself through my Dioist Friends and I wouldn't even need a VPN. So long as I simply sign into eRepublik, join a Party and maybe even an MU; if I simply vote 3 times a month and never help anyone on my IP address I could have 100 votes 3 times every month at my disposal on my IP address -without breaking eRepublik Game Rules.

One of the things that most players don't get about eRepublik is that it is a SOCIAL MMORPG and that it is meant to imitate real life, so just like in real life the Political Module and the Media Module all take the ability to socialize, communicate and compromise with others; something the 'Meta Lords' are seemingly incapable of or unwilling to doing. Recently the 'Meta Lords' Blacklisted -perma banned- 24 American citizens for violently opposing the minority 'Congressional Majority' who supports living in virtual slavery, yes...yes; no one is 'actually' in chains. Now basically they were Blacklisted for not following Congressional Procedure by getting the DD Law repealed before starting a shooting war, accused by citizens who themselves flagrantly disobey Congressional Code and Procedure; some of them having previously -when it wasn't 'illegal' to do so- participated in such an Insurrection as the one started by some American Freedom Fighters earlier this month.

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Recently America has been witness to the Religious Terrorism of the Congressional Majority of 'Meta Lords' who rule supreme in the 'Meta Congress' on the eUSA Forums, for those of you who are new that is the term I use to describe the Dioist Political Action Committee (DPAC) of voters in Congress; most of whom no longer even bother playing 'in game' since the 'Meta Congress' holds all the power; and America's 15% daily tax revenue. A select few of them even sport a huge fruit salad of Boy Scout Badges, proudly proclaiming their worship of the 'Unity of Fight Club'; then get very upset when they have to award them to Congress Members outside their Faction who have also earned them. The DPAC reminds me of the Mason's, if your wear the Masonic Ring not matter what you do your fellow Mason's will have your back; Dioist will also always vote the DPAC line -either that or be ostracized by their faith.

The biggest reason I dislike the Congress being on an outside forum -any forum- is that all voting is public, either it is a poll attached to a thread and therefore Moderators can see the voting or it is in the thread itself for all to see. One of the biggest things I love about Democracy is going into the voting booth and casting my vote according to my conscience not according to some quasi Religious Sect of hateful trolls who will either attack you personally calling you stupid or an idiot; or they will Blacklist you from their 'Ivory Tower'.

[Discussion] January 2016 Budget
[Proposal] January 2016 Budget
[Vote] January 2016 Budget

Above is the Weekly Budget Discuss for the month of December, now I must remind America that you must multiply that by four to get the monthly Budget. Now I can not reveal the actual amount it takes to maintain the United States Armed Forces (USAF), but currently 75% of its Operating Cost comes from Private Donations; now in my mind that makes the USAF a PRIVATE MU that has been designated as the National Military Unit. Now also to my mind the private citizens who have and continue to donate will demand input on USAF policy, which means they want to influence who, where and when America fights; they wish to control American Foreign Policy.

I encourage you to go and read those threads, I will let those who responded in those threads speak for themselves; just like I will let you decide who really wishes to harm America and who wishes to see America prosper and grow. Recently someone -I don't remember who- told me that I needed to cultivate more friends in order to build a political base, I am someone who believes that all change -all Revolutions- start at the grass roots of America; I see the Silent Majority of Americans who did not vote in the last election as those grass roots and I intend to nourish those roots. Change will only come to America when enough of those grassroots silent citizens begin to voice their opinion at the polls, they did so once and elected a President on a ticket of NO Dictator; it is my firm opinion that the 'Meta Lords' did and continue to do everything they can to quash the will of the American People. Their most passionate dream is that eRepublik Labs will soon turn off the lights, shutter the windows and doors and their wish is to be in control when that happens so they will be able to say; 'We won.'

Now I have made a total ass of myself of late, some think I did so for no reason; at least no reason they can see. My point was to show that if you oppose the 'Meta Lords' using the same exact method against them they whip out the old 'Blacklist', now to some that is a scary idea because they wish to be involved with in game Politics; it is scary because if they are blacklisted from 'Meta Congress' they are effectively barred from any Public Office. Ask Gnilraps what happened when one of his Cabinet appointments was blacklisted. Now being on the 'Blacklist' doesn't bother me, been there done that back when I was considered an 'Enemy of the State'; they totally banned me from those forums once before and probably will 'Blacklist' me now -pettiness knows no bounds.

Currently we are facing an Invasion, one that so far has been handled rather easily; throwing FYROM out of Canada went pretty smoothly with the help of Troops from Canada and other friends. Congress authorized REDACTED millions for the Defense of our Homeland, yet now -apparently- the National Security Council (NSC) has blown through that amount because already the MAX TAX BIRDS are out in force. Congress has requested a report on what it cost us to defeat FYROM, what they believe it will cost to complete the current operations and over what period of time this hike will last. What has has been reported was 'a metric shit ton' of cash and 'prolly not long' time period.

When this war started I was more or less in agreement, now I see this war a Political Camouflage to once again raise taxes.  

Join the Revolution and get involved with your government.

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and interact with our Community of Activist.
Join the People's military the Bear Cavalry and fight for freedom around the World.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...'s 4:20 somewhere.

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