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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Aug 05, 2015 3:31 pm

[quote="Kevin Sheridan"]The 10 points from the party's constitution:

1. Right of Freedom of Play
The Socialist Freedom Party supports the right of players with a common ideology, culture or interests to gather together as a Political Party to empower constituents to achieve their goals regarding specific issues.

2. Right of Open Government
The Socialist Freedom Party recognizes the right of those who have organized into political parties to lobby their governments and to change them as their constituents see fit for any reason, be it political, economic, or military.

3. Right of Citizenship
The Socialist Freedom Party supports the right of players to freely travel between countries and regions, whether to escape economic hardship, political persecution or simply to seek a better life. We also support the right of immigrants to pursue citizenship regardless of any differences in culture and language.

4. Right of Protection
The Socialist Freedom Party demands absolute protection, acceptance, and enfranchisement of every citizen regardless of their conditions.

5. Right of Free Speech
The Socialist Freedom Party considers it important that every voice be heard, and to facilitate that any and every effort must be made to overcome the language barrier, regardless of the difficulty in doing so.

6. Right of Asylum
The Socialist Freedom Party celebrates states that act as a melting pot of free individuals from states all over the world, and encourages the granting of asylum to those who were considered criminals for political reasons and are escaping from their oppressive governments to find freedom.

7. Right of Militia Units
The Socialist Freedom Party supports the development of alliances and mutual defensive pacts between consenting states with legitimate and popularly supported governments.

8. Right of Determination
The Socialist Freedom Party believes that all governments derive legitimacy from approval of the people they govern, and any government that ceases to please the people that formed it must necessarily be deemed illegitimate.

9. Right of ???
The Socialist Freedom Party rejects the idea that long-term citizens have any entitlement to leadership or political power in any state, and instead believes that those who work hardest and have the greatest measure of popular support should lead.

10. ???
The Socialist Freedom Party categorically rejects cronyism, nepotism, elitism, cliquish behavior, exclusionary political tactics, and plutocracy as methods for running a Government. Furthermore, the Socialist Freedom Party believes steps must be taken to counter such tactics and checks must be put in place to prevent their reappearance after they are banished.
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