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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Aug 05, 2015 10:19 am

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Since I have a list of 'eUSA government' tax revenue funded programs as the Opening Header on my articles, I felt that I should understand them and explain them to America; I have used these programs myself and reached out to MrCarey and Aramec concerning the programs rules. These supplies are to help Citizen Soldiers work, work overtime when possible and training; they are also meant to help fight America's Wars. However if you subscribe to the mantra of 'High Strength. Low Level.' -like I do, you will be doing as little fighting as possible; at most every 4/5 days so you will stock pile supplies. Unlike the SFP's Rainy Day Tank & Food Program, the 'eUSA government' will deny citizens who hoard or sell their supplies; the SFP not only allows it -we encourage save them for such things a Regimental Rumbles. So American Citizen Soldiers are aware of how these programs work and so that everyone understands the Budget for the 'eUSA government' for August which was recently passed in Congress:

Tax Revenue Income 420,000/1,680,000

I. Executive
Line U1. MPP Costs: $60,000/240,000
II. Defense
Line U2. United States Armed Forces: $80,000/320,000
Line U3. Arm America: $25,000/100,000
III. Interior
Line U4. Dept. of Civilian Affairs $25,000/100,000

Total Expenditures: 190,000/760,000

IV. Treasury
Line U5. War Reserve 230,000/920,000

TOTAL: 420,000/1,680,000

We'll be taking a look at the newly formed Department of Citizen Affairs, this Department was created by combining the Department of Interior and the Department of Education; this new Department has been allotted 25,000 CC per week to run the following programs. Most of the programs above are run by the newly-formed Department of Citizen Affairs, a new department created by combining the Department of Interior and the Department of Education with an allotment of 25,000 CC per week to run the following programs. 

Question of the Day

You can answer the question provided below everyday and for the correct answer you will be sent. The reward
will be sent as soon as possible by the Dept. Staff. This QoTD is organized to make new members learn about something everyday and to reward them.

Reward: 50 Q5 Food OR 25 Q7 Food
Requirements: Should be an US Citizen.

For any queries, contact MrCarey

This is a pretty straight forward program, simply answer an eRepublik Question correctly and receive 50 Q5 food. If a citizen answers correctly every day that will be 350 food per week. There are no other requirements, it is open to ALL Americans; can be done once a day.

Bank Up 2 Strength Up

Bank Up 2 Strength Up, most commonly referred to as BU2SU, is an eUnited States funded program,
run by the Department of the Interior.
The Program distributes FREE GOLD for assistance in Upgrading your Training Grounds.
Gold Rewards are based on activity and involvement with in-game Political Parties, Military Units, IRC and the eUSA Forum.
The Goal is to help Citizens advance and become High In Strength, Low in Level.

Players MUST fill out this form ONCE every e-Republik server day after using their Training Grounds.  
Players MUST fill out this form AT LEAST 5 days IN A ROW out of 7 to receive the MINIMAL Gold reward.  
Players MUST be between level 21 and 35 to qualify.

Gold Rewards are distributed every 7 days.

Contact Me In Game or IRC in the #interior channel for more information on how to receive more Gold from the program.
You can also find out more information about IRC, the forums, and much more about eRepublik at http://eusg.us/doe/

Secretary of the Interior

Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheel is an eUS government program that provides food to younger citizens. We aim to give up to 500 wellness a day to all citizens who fit the following criteria:
Level 30 or lower
Holding eUS Citizenship

Please not that there is only one request per calendar day allowed.

All the best,

The eUS Department of the Interior

Although I think BU4SU should be for all American Citizen Soldiers below D3 and have no political, military, IRC or Forum requirements this is an excellent program and has been a great help to me first in getting my Training Centers upgraded to Q4 and now in maintaining my Training Contracts so I can build my strength while maintaining a low level. Using myself as an example, by simply filling out the form 5 days in a row I earn 1.2 gold a week. Since I am very active in the SFP and the BC, since I am never on IRC and since I contribute very little to the 'eUSA Forum' meta game I am going to assume that is the minimum amount given out.

The privately funded Bear Cavalry has a program much like BU2SU called 'Build a Bear' with 'Golden Bear Droppings' once a week, the Bears also have a supply system which will keep our Citizen Soldiers well armed. Many of the Private Military Units (PMU) have such a program, the EZC Militia Training was and I assume still is such an excellent program; believe the United States Armed Forces (USAF) use to have some kind of Training, but it has under gone so many changes I am not sure it even exist any more.

The Meals on Wheels is a program in need of a great deal of overhauling and should be open to ALL Americans below D3, this program should be the in game equivalent to Bewbs 4 Newbs; what's the difference between leaving Bewbs for food and filling out a form? With this program a citizen should be able to get 50 Q5 food once a day or 350 per week.

So the DoCA's QotD will pay citizens 3500 wellness a week for a correct answer every day, their BU2SU program will pay a minimum of 1.2 gold for TC Upgrades/Training Contracts just by filling out a form 5 days in a row; their MoW if you are below Level 30 will also supply a citizens with 3500 wellness per week. Not a bad days pay for little work, a good way for the 'eUSA government' to return Tax Revenue to American Citizen Soldiers; it is also a very excellent way to retain new citizens. I mean after all isn't the whole point to retain new citizens, to make America an inviting Nation to citizens who wish to  immigrate; isn't the whole point to build a strange Nation that fight for freedom -starting with our Homeland.

[TTH] eUSA government Citizen Help DoD_zpsv0ag7iov

Now we come to the Department of Defense's National Military Unit (NMU) the United States Armed Forces(USAF) and their Arm America (AA) program, the former gets 80,000 CC and the latter gets 25,000 CC per week; both are under the Department of Defense for a total of a 105,000 CC per week DoD Budget Line. AA has not been used in weeks if not months and as noted below was suddenly opened on Day 2815 for a specific time, place and with certain action requirements attached; for 100,000 CC a month what America got was a 'Shout Blitz'. The USAF is a tax payer funded NMU loyal to the orders of the Dictator, so for an additional 320,000 CC a month what America gets is a 3rd rate MU loyal not to America; but loyal to it's Commander in Chief the Dictator.

AA is the other listed program and is a Department of Defense program; it is only open at the discretion of the 'eUSA government' during certain battles at certain times; this is a program which has a Budget Line of 25,000 CC in Tax Revenue and does nothing for the average America Citizen Soldier. Why does the Department of Defense need a Budget Line for a program that isn't even open 99% of the time and why is AA not passing out 5/10 Q7 tanks once a day to ALL American Citizen Soldiers?

Although I personally think this program should be open at all times for all Citizen Soldiers, although I think they should be handing out 10 Q7 Weapons once a day to all American Citizen Soldiers; here's more information on "Arm America"

Arm America

EDIT: This program was opened on Day 2815 at 16:00 eRepublik time for those who were both on in game, on IRC and willing to attack where told.

Every Private Military Unit (PMU) has their own form of supply for the Citizen Soldiers in that unit, every party has a Commune System for their members to earn cash (the SFP Commune pays 100 CC a day) or a weekly allotment of production goods; all the parties have such programs as the AMP's open to all MRE program -the SFP's is the Rainy Day Tank & Food Program. Meal, Ready to Eat is a very socially aware program whose only defect is it's location, one I mentioned above and located in the same place is the Bewbs 4 Newbs program; another socially aware program with a bad location. All at no cost to America, PMUs loyal America out of pride; not a 3rd rate MU loyal to a citizen and not America.

So there we have it, the 'eUSA government' programs to help American Citizen Soldiers using Tax Revenue; the above programs are the help American Citizen Soldiers can expect from the current 'eUSA government' in return for a Tax Revenue expenditure of 190,000 CC minimum -plus 420,000 CC being added to a 20+ million CC War Chest currently held by private citizens. Sadly I have not even touched the recently announced Social Security program, this was to be a program copied from the BU2SU program for Citizens Soldiers above D2; having looked at what the 'eUSA government' is currently doing for American Citizen Soldier...I am wonder what is happening with this program.

Also above is my stance on what these programs should and shouldn't be doing, after all the first goal of the current government -in fact any American Government- should be the retention of New Citizens; closely followed by the building of strong D1/D2 PMUs -units which are then grown into very strong D3/D4 PMUs -it would even allow units like War Inc and EZC to grow into Super Tank Units.

A Party President I will Lobby Congress to privatize the USAF and let it stand or fall on it's own, I will Lobby Congress to allot the DoD's Budget Line of 105,000 CC to socially aware programs to help retain new citizens; once again I am asking the members of the SFP to stand forth and speak you mind -elect me to the Party Presidency.

Thank you, Comrades, for you attention.

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and have your say without being trolled.
Join the Bear Cavalry and volunteer to fight for freedom across the World.

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