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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Jul 30, 2015 11:35 am

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Many citizens wonder what it is exactly that I am fighting against, why I am so against the eUSA Forum housing the Congressional Sub Forums; well thanks to the gawds one of the 'metagamers', Morningblur, has supplied a perfect example in his response to my comment in Mama Lunete's article [IsW] Ronald Reagan Talks. While this citizens claims to be an 'unknown 2 Clicker' he spends the whole time defending the metagame of which he claims to not be a part. As can be seen in his profile he has been around this game since 2009, about two months previous to my first person Cold Hearted Snake; now back then the way to power was as a team to report any citizens, articles or comments which stood against them.

Back in the day the Specialized Elite Execution Squad (SEES) was conceived as a social movement, which IMO quickly devolved into trollism at it's best; that party formed the cadre of trolls that went on to remove the eUS Military as the National Military Unit (NMU), an Army made up of five or six branches; many of those same branches who are now Top Flight Private Military Units (PMU) that even today defend America out of loyalty -what they gave us in return is the United States Armed Forces (USAF). SEES was the beginning of the drive to dominate Congress, later IMO the cadre of citizens who created and controlled SEES are the same ones who today are the United States Workers Party (USWP) controlling citizens.

So where am I going with this? Let me refer you to a recent article I wrote, [TTH] Tally Ho, Hunting Multi Accounts...! in which I offered a reward for reporting and getting Multi Accounts Banned; one such citizen -who has refused all rewards- has gotten many such accounts banned to the tune of 75 Gold. Now some will say, 'Hey! That's what you're accusing the other side of doing!' and they would be right, I and many other citizens report suspected cheaters and if Admin agrees they ban them; believe that is a 'game mechanic' available to all and Multi Accounts and Account Sitting is illegal -so my advice is don't cheat.

As anyone who has been following the recent elections knows by now party numbers -and election numbers- have been greatly affected recently, now I would like to believe it was my article that caused those numbers to change; what I will accept is that I simply reminded the citizens of America that it was not only their right -but their duty- to once again start reporting obvious Multi Accounts. Many will accuse me of being hypocritical -since I was once a cheater- and they would be right, if realizing that you were no better than the citizens who use VPNs or who have citizens on the same IP address that they simply don't donate to or help in anyway is hypocritical then I am guilty as charged; I mean heck that ain't cheating -that's pushing the envelope or it's within the spirit of the rules.

Now to the metagamers such as our friend above, who has 248 friends, most of them dead or banned citizens; so to make sure America understands -Morningblur is neither a metagamer nor is he anyone other than an anonymous 2 Clicker. Yet here he is telling the SFP that they have no one with enough respect to win the Dictator Elections, here he is telling America that nothing in eRepublik will change unless the meta Congress controlled by these metagamers ALLOWS it to happen; now how the heck would he know that since he is not a metagamer nor anything more than a 2 Clicker.

For you multi hunters out there this is a likely citizens to report and because of his age could quit possible be one of the oldest Multi Accounts in eRepublik history, he has mostly dead friends and has little to not activity in game; my bet is his activity picks up a great deal during election season. My problem with citizens such as these is that citizens like Wild Owl leave and they stay, the thing about citizens like these are they claim to be no one and yet seem to have their fingers on the pulse of America; in fact they are so arrogant that they come in game and tell America that a forum outside eRepublik Dictates what happens in eRepublik.

I wrote another article entitled the [TTH] Dictator Elections, in which I speculate concerning a bunch of spit balling ideas; one of which was that IMO the power to make changes in eRepublik had been brought back in game. I believe so long as the Defensive Dictator is allowed to exist, America can be taken over Democratically -with votes and not bullets- by simply winning the Dictator Elections. One other article of mine I will point new citizens towards is [TTH] I am a FN Revolutionary...!, my feelings towards the Defensive Dictator are that it protects no one save those who wish to -from outside eRepublik- Dictate to those of us who do not play 'eUSA Forum'; in fact it endangers America at the Ballot Box -but as we all know there is UNITY among the Top 5 parties.

So. I want to encourage not only the Socialist Freedom Party, but also the FEDS, USWP, WTP and BSP to consider placing Candidates in September for Dictator. In the mean time I want to encourage everyone to vote for the AMPs and the SFP Endorsed Candidate Beach Bunny for American Dictator.

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