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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:40 am

Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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Good Morning, America!

First let me welcome all the new eRepublik citizens to this Social Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (SMMORPG), this is a game built on the foundation of the mechanical rules of eRepublik; but even though some will tell you the way to play this game is by mechanics -don't believe it. Second is some free advice, work and train everyday; SAVE YOUR GOLD! Most everyone will agree that the 'mechanical actions' of working and training everyday is the right thing to do, it is the third daily 'mechanical action' of fighting that a citizen may execute that is hotly debated; for me the axiom to repeat like a mantra is: 'High Strength! Low Level!' Save every bar of gold you receive, train daily for free and upgrade your Weight Room to Q4 ASAP; join a Political Party or Private Military Unit that fits your needs and has a Community willing to teach you how to play eRepublik your way.

Below is a list of government funded programs for new citizens in game, these Departments were recently granted Budget Line Funding; all of these programs were excellent Privately Funded Programs and I am sure now with Tax Revenue being allotted to them they will grow even better. What I like about these programs is the fact a citizen need do nothing more than apply to this programs daily, you need not do anything else outside eRepublik; you do not need to be a member of either a political party or military unit.

[DoE] American University
Department of Interior Meals on Wheels (500 wellness)
Bank Up 2 Strength Up (Government gold drops weekly)
Department of Education: Question of the Day (50 Q5 Food OR 25 Q7 Food)
Department of Interior Social Security (for players >2 years old)

For those of you who are new below is a list of forum Communities, some are political, some are military and some are a little of both. My recommendation is find a Community that fits YOUR needs not the needs of a party or military unit, find a Community that is open to listening to your ideas; that is welcoming and willing to teach you how to play YOUR game. This is an excellent game, but the only way to learn that is to get involved in the 'social mechanics' of eRepublik; join a Community and join the Revolution by getting involved.

As the 'Old Guard' citizens know I stand firm against the eUSA Forum continuing to house America's Congressional Sub Forums, I desire that Congressional Business be conducted in game and not on some outside forum controlled by some group of citizens and their 'metagame'; an 'metagame' designed and totally controlled by them. However for those citizens who wish Congressional Business to remain as Sub Forums of a larger Forum Community, here is a list of candidates to house the American Congressional Sub Forums:

Socialist Freedom Party Forum
Bastards of Liberty Forum
eUSA Military Forum
Screamin' Eagle Forum
Federalist Forum
Black Sheep Party Forum

[TTH] Congress and the eUSA Forums  Tyler%20Bubblar%201_zpszldz7cnr

Dictator Tyler Bubblar recently published the article [PoTUS] Chilean Pillar Humping in which he first complains about World of Warcraft, belittling the players who could out play him in PvP combat; then goes on to complain that Chili isn't playing fair, 'Because we have seen over this weekend the eRepublik equivalent from Chile when they RWed Lower Normandy back to France.' He then went on to support The DarkKnight Rises in his attempted coup of Croatia, TDK offering to enrichen any who contributed to the coup by stealing Croatian Tax Revenue once in power.

So the benevolent Dictator of the eUSA and several active long time Congress Members helped support an assault on a free country, all so they could enrich themselves at the expense of others; one Congress Member even donating 10 gold to the cause. So does anyone paying attention -you know involved- still believe that the eUSA Defensive Dictatorship is to protect American Freedom? I believe that this has also proven that such a Dictator in America is unnecessary as well as unwanted, that the world streamed to Croatia in defence of Freedom; the eUSA government has over the last 2+ years made enemies of some of America's longest and closest allies such as Canada so is it any wonder why the eUSA government is so afraid no one will come to their aid.

[TTH] Congress and the eUSA Forums  Kemal_zpsuexu8pzm
Kemal Ergenekon

Finally, in the past I have many, many times stated that the Congressional Sub Forums should be removed from the eUSA Forums, that Congressional Business can and should be conducted in game; my fight has never been against the eUSA Forums themselves -though they wish you to believe that is true. The government and its supporters keep trying to make it about the forums themselves, while I think that those forums are a toxic sewer of terrorism, racism and hatred; if you wish to become a member I have no problem with anyone getting an account on those forums.

However here is an example of the type of citizen who hangs their hat on those forums and plays the 'metagame', let me introduce you to Kemal Ergenekon who was once a member of the treasonous iNCi party -a party much like AFA and who sold citizenships to America's enemies that continues to hang around and run CP candidates unmolested- and who recently wrote Hacoguz ile tartisma makalesi; an article in which he discusses converting or killing non-believers. This is the citizen who went ballistic when I suggested that he 'STFU...GTFO...gasoline and matches are free to you', yelling and screaming that I wished him to commit suicide while leaving out the fact he had no problem with me saying that same exact thing to Ronald Gipper Reagan (RGR); the same citizen who demands I convert or he will murder me. For the education of new citizens, this is also the citizen who for the 35th time in a row controls American Tax Rates and the American Economy; I'm just saying....

So I will continue to say again and again that the American Congressional Sub-Forums need to be removed from the toxic sewer that is the eUSA Forums, I do not care if three of the Top 5 political parties (USWP, AMP & WTP) in America -since they are basically the same party anyway- wish to keep their forums housed there; that ofc is their business. However, I do care that citizens are attacked and belittled on a forum where a citizen's post is crammed into Mega Threads because they are too active; while Congress opens such threads as Synesi's Great Quote Pyramid Thread!; I do care that citizens are driven away from the forum which houses the American Congress and that the forum which houses the Congressional Sub Forums welcomes citizens who wish to convert me or murder me.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...
...it's 4:20 somewhere.

C'est la vie, Chérir'....
Comrade Franklin Stone
Socialist Freedom Party
Bear Cavalry, Insignificant PopGun, 1st Regiment  

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and have your say without being trolled.
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