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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:48 am

Obviously somewhere along the way of whoever taught you what your department is about got completely mixed up and should be slapped for doing so. But it's cool I'll explain why this article has nothing to do with your department. To clarify this contest is more of an interior article.'

As the quote above shows, in the end it had nothing to do with whether or not the contest was good or bad; it had to do with power -Scott Coyle, Sr. was trying to usurp their power. Apparently the contest would have been good had it been sanctioned and run through the Department of Interior, a privately funded department that the government claims as their own.

(JW4WH) (UPDATE)The Official Unofficial list of my CP Cabinet

Americans like to give, I even used that argument to explain why Easy Company Militia works as a Private Military Unit (PMU); just take a look at last weeks leaderboard.

When I started playing this game America had a population in the neighborhood of 40,000 citizens, we were flexing our muscle in the Pacific Rim and the Far East; threatening our oldest enemies in Europe through the back door. We have come full circle and now with the addition of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Pacifica (Pacifica) our control of Northern Japan is strengthened with an ally to the south and gives America a strong presence in the Far East.

Newspaper List CensusBureau_zps06dcacf9

Recently the Census Bureau, run by Scott Coyle, Sr., has been running a 'United America Contest', which I believe was aimed at attracting new citizens to America; from outside the game as well as in game. The criteria for the contest was to design some graphics or write an article recruiting citizens to America, especially something that would encourage RL people to come and join America in it's 'quest for Empire' in the New World. The contest ran for 30 days and would earn the winner 25 gold, each entry even earned some gold just for entering; three citizens entered; myself, the Ghost of Tom Joad and the Director of the contest.

Now everybody was invited to join the contest: individuals, parties, military units; hell I bet the 'USA Government' could have joined in and supported the USAF -their own damn military unit -or to support a 'United America' in a drive to attract new citizens from the real world (more plastic) and from the New World of eRepublik (more damage to the battlefield). The contest ended and a voting thread was created, Census Bureau - United America Contest II - Vote Thread; I'll just let you read what went on.

All I will say is that I see absolutely no support from the 'USA Government' for an idea to help attract new citizens, some will even say, 'Oh, that's been tried and it never works.' The pfriends and other supporters of the 'USA Government' have done everything they could to confuse citizens about both the contest and the Census Bureau, rather than make suggestion to help improve both they simply begin tearing it down. In reality what these pfriends' of the 'USA Government' really mean is, 'Shut up! We don't want new citizens. Makes it to hard to control the vote.'
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