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Post by Comrade Frank on Fri Jul 03, 2015 5:49 pm

Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to THINK FOR YOURSELF.
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Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and have your say without being trolled.
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Since I began playing eRepublik back in 2009 as Cold Hearted Snake I have always gravitate towards the rimward of society and in particular edgeward politics, like most new citizens as soon as I could I joined the biggest party; if my memory serves me correctly it was the Federalist -but my gray matter has taken a beating over the years, so.... It became apparent very quickly that if I did not Internet Relay Chat (IRC), if I wasn't a member of the eUSA Forums and if I did not tow the party line I would never see Congress and I would be asked to leave; they didn't have to ask me. I bounced around from one party to another, one I remember was the Son's of Liberty and their Military Unit (MU) the Bastard's of Liberty; even fooled around with my own party the 'America First Party' -which was a total disaster and did nothing besides cause hard feelings, for which I apologize.

After that I went through Dru Blood, Ichabod Adams which I name changed to Drew Blood after getting denied reinstatement of the Dru Blood account; after a ban of the new Drew Blood even after being assured by Admin that my wife could also play on the same IP -those of you who have dealt with these rules know whereof I speak. I again returned as Franklin Stone and I joined the AMP, which was a very bad fit for me at the time; so I left rather publicly -stupid mistake going public like that. After that I joined a 6th party, there have been so many I have no idea what it's name was; but somehow I ended up in the 5th place We The People. I have always liked Oblige because Henry Pfeiffer Arundel seemed to hate him, plus he is a Whale and who doesn't love Whales; I remained in the WTP -even reaching Congress a couple of times- a whole lot longer than I should have. Every present on the Top 10 list of Political Parties was the Socialist Freedom Party (SFP), one of the oldest parties in American History; one whose mission of helping the People of America has never changed even as the party itself did so.

For a very long time my Brother Jude and Comrade Joad had been asking me to join them in the SFP, I must admit it just didn't feel right; being a Socialist. Then one day it struck me, and epiphany if you will; here was a political idea that worked in eRepublik every damn day. Programs such as the Dept of Interior Bewbs for Newbs and the Dept of Education: Question of the Day, programs run on privately donated funds; are basically Socialistic in nature. I could not be any happier at being a Socialist Convert, well maybe if there was a fat DooBrawnSki involved; for the first time I feel like I have found a political home where every citizen is welcomed and which encourages out of the box thinking -Tin Hattery if you must.

The Community on the Socialist Freedom Party Forum is by far the most open, honest and welcoming one I have ever found in this game; a game that is after all about Community -about Socialization. The 'Role' I play in this game is easy cause it is me, not some pompous old fart I put into an Avatar; you may not like what you see and hear -but what you see and hear is my honest opinions. I have stayed with the game because I believe honesty and strength of character will always prevail, I believe that the SFP as a party has demonstrated in action what it truly means to be a loyal Socialist American; a party that has always and well always put the People before Party.

The last thing I will put forth is this: I believe in the motto: Strength & Honor. It is my opinion that Beach Bunny is the Presidential Candidate that understands such a pledge; not only to oneself -but to one's country. There is no Loyalty without Truth, there is no Strength of character without Truth; there most assuredly is no Honor without truth.

Vote July 5th for Strength & Honor in the White House!
Vote Beach Bunny for Country President.

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and have your say without being trolled.
Join the Bear Cavalry and volunteer to fight for freedom across the World.

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