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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Jun 10, 2015 6:58 pm

Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to THINK FOR YOURSELF.
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Trust and Respect are earned not bought.

As anyone who has played eRepublik for more than a few months knows I FN hate the eUSA Forums, they are a dark and foreboding place filled with and ran by Bullies whose literal logical minds see only one way of doing a thing. The eUSA Forum are controlled by the 'MENSA Gang/Pfeifferist PFriends/Current Government' who believe that all things are mechanical and will fit neatly into a cookie cutter formula and therefore there is but one way -their way- of doing things.

Forums by their very nature are places where a 'community' comes together and communicates, when was the last time anyone felt like they could communicate with the 'current government' on those forums? When was the last time anyone expressed an idea who weren't attacked for their stupidity, or simply had a well thought out idea 'Trash Canned'? It is not simply the fact that they house 'Meta Congress', it is also the fact that American Citizens are denied the right to participate in Public Congressional Proceedings ; by having their responses 'censored', trash canned or completely removed.

It was through eUSA Forum that the 'Pfeifferist' first organized themselves, brought together by the roll out of 'eRepublik Rising'; upon organizing their first step was to begin agitating for the roll back of the 'eRepublik Rising' update. That was quite possible the first and was -as far as anyone knows- the last time Plato listened to his citizens. eRepublik Rising was rolled back to the 'old way of doing things' and now we have what we have, now we spend a butt load of cash -RL and GL- to push a little red button 10 zillion times and then proclaim what a General we be....

The only way that American Citizens will regain control of their government is when a group/party/community of citizens organize themselves to fight against a government that no longer even cares what America wants, I believe that the Socialist Freedom Party is the People's party of change and that the Socialist Freedom Party Forum is a place where everyone -even Tin Hatter's such as myself- feels free to express their ideas; where instead of being attacked our Comrades will jump to help you hone your argument.

So long as Freedom of Speech is denied American Citizens in Public Congress America will continue onward with old solutions for the same old problems, America will continue to be dominated and subjugated by a minority of citizens who clearly hate America; if you are like Howard Beale and are feed up to here with the BS join the SFP Freedom Writers and let YOUR government hear about it.

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Terrain Effects: Rivers, forest and mountains; oh my!

The above screenshot is worth a thousand words. My opinion is and has always been that 'eRepublik Rising' was a huge step forward, not much can be found concerning this failed update to eRepublik and the uproar created by the 'elite' -the term used back then for the group/clique/party then in power; for me this was the first time the group/clique/party I refer to as 'Pfeifferist' reared their ugly head and agitated for a 'game mechanic change'. Their main complaint was that they had spent their 'credit card limit' playing a free game and it was unfair to them that they would lose 'strength dominance' over the 'free to play' citizens, it would also allow free play citizens to over night become 'tanks' in a different skill than themselves; basically they complained that eRepublik Labs was trying to attract new 'paying citizens' by leveling the playing field for all.

eRepublik Rising was an attempt to level the playing field by closing the gap between 'Beta Tanks' and 'new citizens'. With the introduction of time management in Rising and the introduction of four skill types of training a citizen had to pick between Rifle, Tank, Artillery or Air Unit. They could train in one of them once a day and also had the ability to choose between 4 Boosters per day, very similar to Training Centers now and though you could only choose one; it is easy to see how they could have been modified to allow all 4 like training centers are used currently. Since the 'Beta Tanks' would have to either keep all their strength in 1 Skill or split their strength between all 4 it is easy to see why they hated it, in the end for them it came down to their CC Statement's bottom line; for them it came down to money rather than loyalty to and growth in the game -sound familiar.

Currently my belief is that the United States Armed Forces (USAF) has become a wasteland and a money suck, it has lost the confidence of most American Citizens -except those in power- who have for over 2+ years footed the bill to arm the 'tanks' of the National Military Unit (NMU) and for what; to install a Dictatorship? One thing about any MU in America is the fact that beyond the 25 Daily Order Kills set for each regiment for each MU even the USAF can not guarantee damage delivered to the battlefield and actually they can not even guarantee that much. Two things can influence how a citizen will fight, for whose side they will fall asleep -rather than actually dying- pushing a red button and they are: Money and Loyalty. America is witnessing how well money worked, maybe we should try cultivating Loyalty.

[TTH] eRepublik Rising Img_1860
So? Who has won this Region?
The introduction of the Hexagonal Battle Board tried to allow for bigger more meaningful wars, to break battles down to the tactical level and make mass attacks a whole lot more fun; it introduced terrain effects and the ability to win a region through control of the most hexes of the map-  very much like the 2500 year old game of GO. Sadly for our MENSA level leaders and Gold Card spenders things got too complicated and time consuming, so adding this to their main complaint they 'postulated doom' for the game because it had become too time consuming and complicated, they agitated for a reversal of Rising or they would take their plastic elsewhere. There are not many citizens now playing eRepublik who know these tidbits about our history and that is because their is no communication from the 'Pfeifferist' dominated current government and their control over their 'Ministry of Truth' the USA Forums -although the same can be said of Plato.

Now I am pretty sure the MENSA Gang will be out here belittling me and telling me what a FN douche I am. They will proclaim their superiority in formulating best case scenarios so that the 'current government' may collect the max amount of taxes in order to throw it away into such 'gold sinks' as the United States Armed Forces (USAF) and their need to bribe D3 and D4 tanks to remain loyal; or store it away for a rainy day (no pun intended) to the tune of a 15 or 20 million CC War Chest -I'm thinking that amount alone would supply the USAF with everything -and then some- they need to bribe fund the USAF for months.

The Defensive Dictator was installed partly because the privately funded MUs did not and still do not want to risk losing their 'Privately Funded MUs' to a foreign takeover via the Dictator Module, partly because the 'Pfeifferist' feared losing their 'in game' source of enrichment and to consolidate the hold on the American Government; all while the telling anyone who'll listen how much this game sucks -it sucks partial because they resisted game growth. IMO, the Defensive Dictator was installed because the government doubts the loyalty of their own troops; they are saying, 'We spent lots of real life money playing this game and we don't trust the rest of you to be loyal.' Hm...wonder why they would think citizens who they have abused for 2+ years would not support them?

This is supposed to be a real life social simulator, in real life you only have 24/7/365, at some point you must sleep each day; at some point you simply have to stop fighting. Here is a hint for you Admin: If you want me to start spending money on eRepublik do the following: a) bring back Time Management: b) bring back the 4 Training Skills: c) bring back the Hexagonal Battlefield. Better yet, simply roll out a new and improved updated of 'eRepublik Rising'....

Smoke 'em if ya got 'em...
it's 4:20 somewhere!

C'est la vie, Chérir'....
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