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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed May 20, 2015 9:20 am

Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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Once upon a time... CHS%202_zpsbdffufdn

When I first started playing eRepublik as Cold Hearted Snake I had high hopes that I had finally found a role playing game -no matter what others tell you this IS an MMORPG- worthy of the name. Years ago in the Tokyo Airport -sometime around the end of my young military adventures ala Ernest Hemingway- I read a scifi short story about a citizen who played an interweb game where he was the Supreme Dictator, until one evening upon returning from work to find his world falling apart; his enemies are at the gates and his friends are betraying him one after another. I just vaguely remember the story, but what I do remember clearly is thinking; 'How cool would it be to play such a game.'

When I joined this game was infested with cheaters (some of these self righteous finger pointing Boy Scouts are still here benefitting from their ill gotten gains) and a group known as 4Chan, I am pretty sure the 'Old Guard' knows of whom I speak; for you new citizens I suggest you research the following topics in the Wiki: S.E.E.S., iNCi and the group I like to call 'Pfeifferist'. Though they seem to have lost much of their influence, America is now suffering the consequences of their malfeasance as we witness the demise of America's Military Deterrence the United States Armed Forces (USAF). Once again the 'Pfeifferist', the very group of citizens who forced out America's previous 'Official Military Deterrent' for supposedly not being able to do the job, is trying to save the USAF. While condemning 'The Black Sheep' party for leaching Tax Revenue, they are blithely trying to save their own source of leaching off American Taxpayers.

I actually believe that eRepublik got several things 'spot on', starting with the 'Political Module'; as in Real World politics special interest groups control the 'machines of power' such as hosting Meta Congress on the eUSA Forums -their 'group/clique/party' controlled forum giving them 'Home Court Advantage'. The fact that in Public Congressional Proceedings the average citizen who is not in Congress has everything they write 'censored' and in my case simply removed, gives them one hell of an advantage when the opposition is silenced; when they belittle and attack anyone who speaks out against them with impunity while desperately trying to prove how much smarter they are than the Average Bear. America is stuck in the past using old methods that no longer work because new out of the box ideas are violently crushed by one certain 'Special Interest Group/Clique/Party' who controls the eUSA Forum, the same Group/Clique/Party who refuses to call for a vote on disbanding the USAF and instead builds 'pyramids' ( Synesi's Great Quote Pyramid Thread!) in the sand; these are the same guys who want us to believe they are MENSA smart (Re: Franklin Stone Article Mega Thread) -sadly for all their test taking smarts and because I don't fit into some formula they can't figure out if I am FN with them or not.

Once upon a time... Blitzkrieg%201_zpsbip1rvwv

As I have stated numerous times I come from a paper and pencil -such as D&D or Traveller- game playing background and from there to stacking little square tiles of cardboard upon Hexagonal World Maps spread across several gaming tables. I have played games since I was a tadpole, playing everything from World War II simulations to 'space operas'. The one thing every game had in common was the 'community' of citizens who played the game with me, from the kids in my neighborhood right up to the Senior Cadets who won the 'Blitzkrieg' tournament at the University of Oklahoma in 1969; the point being that it was the community of citizens which made the game worth playing.

Playing games back in the day involved getting the 'gang' together at someone's house who had a 'card table', then spending hours 'playing make believe' or to use a more modern term 'role playing' in our heads. The 'Black Knights' of Ghia, the super elite special force recon marine unit of the Viking Consortium, the King's Own Household Guard; swept across the Galaxy wiping out the last vestiges of the Old Imperium. We fought our way across many a table top and for me therein lies the problem, as citizens of eRepublik we know each other by two things: Our Avatars and our Actions. I am convinced that the actions of the 'Pfeifferist' on the eUS Forums and 'in game' have benefited no one but themselves, that their actions have cost America billions in lost tax revenue and destroyed any hope for the survival of the USAF. In the end what is being discussed in Meta Congress is loyalty, the 'Pfeifferist' believe that America should 'bribe' tanks like Henry Pfeiffer Arundel to remain loyal to the current government; the current thought is throw more money at it and in fact some want to raise their budget line to ensure that the USAF always fights per Presidential Orders. So to ensure the loyalty of the United States Armed Forces the American Taxpayer are being told they must purchase it? Can you say, 'Mercenary?'

Once upon a time... Blitzkrieg_zpswxcst8oc

USAF is something we need, we can't count on PMUs to fight the battles that we need them to. Yes they normally do fight the same priorities as the USAF but that can never be a guarantee. It also is nice to have the USAF to point to for FA and say we can control where that damage will go, PMUs can't be that for the country.

Meta Congress is currently cluster bumping itself over why the USAF is such an FN failure ([Discussion] Merit of Having an State MU), why after 2+ years of throwing American Tax Revenue at it can it not do the job it was assigned; I can sum it up in one word: Community. Actually it did have a community, the 'Old Guard Pfeifferist' who lock stepped their way into political power and then forced out the 'official government military' in order to create their own military to 'leach tax revenue' through; then there was the rest of us -and yes I have been in the USAF. Some citizens simply can not grasp the concept that if you shove it up everyone's bum, while telling them how FN stupid and worthless they are breeds contempt not loyalty; hence the 80,000 CC 'budget line' to pay for America's Military to be loyal to the government -what they actually mean is so they may bribe D3 and D4 tanks (such as Henry Pfeiffer Arundel) to remain loyal.

There is no guarantee that the USAF is going to fight per Presidential Orders, any more than it can be guaranteed that a PMU will fight per their Unit Orders; in fact you can't guarantee where any individual soldier will fight and EVERY MU in eRepublik is built up of what? Individuals. There have been many Military Units come and go, the Special Forces, Seal Team 6 (from JCS days and now WAR INC.), Easy Company Militia (the biggest, baddest PMU in America) and the fast growing, up and coming Bear Cavalry. Every MU I just mentioned has one thing in common -they are all PRIVATELY funded, even the now defunct SF was privately funded in it's glory days; it only went belly up when it became a 'unit' of the 'Pfeifferist' supported USAF. For me there is no discussion to this, the USAF is a bust and America needs to dump it and since most of its infrastructure is PRIVATELY owned 'communes' and to stop an argument before it starts I say let the leeches keep it and shut the puck up about VMA-214 and the Black Sheep Party.

Once upon a time... SFP%20Red%20Bear_zpspfora7ev

The one thing I give the 'Pfeifferist' kudos for is their organization, they have a loyal group of citizens who I am positive devote a great deal of time and effort into their metagame in order to keep themselves in power; that 'Black Hole' is their one great 'home court' advantage due to the fact that Meta Congress is housed on their forum. A Meta Congress which under a Dictator is totally meaningless, a Meta Congress to which we willing give power it does not possess 'in game'.


It is because a Silent Majority of American citizens remain silent. It is because we assign 'in game' power to a Meta Congress controlled by an outside metagame, a game played on a Forum totally outside of eRepublik and which controls what happens in eRepublik; we allow citizens who barely acknowledge they come 'in game' more than thrice a month to vote to enrich themselves. Currently the only way to effect what happens 'in game' is to become Country President and we all know who controls that revolving door, so even if another group/clique/party does manage to get a member elected CP the 'Pfeifferist' will never willing turnover control of government orgs or the Treasury and it's 15 to 20 Million in War Reserves.  

What America needs is a clean sweep, lose not only the carcass of the USAF; but also the shell of Meta Congress that keeps one group/clique/party in power to their sole benefit at American taxpayer expense. Problem is that it will take a well oiled 'political machine' to fight this group/clique/party, America will have to pry power out of their cold dead hands because otherwise they will have to 'slide that plastic'; I simply ask that citizens keep in mind that the 'Military Module' is crap and it is not the only module available for play and it is the ONLY one which cost wellness and weapons.

For me the 'Media Module' is way more fun and a hell of lot less expensive, so my suggestion is each citizen should spend the 2 gold to start a newspaper and get involved by voicing your opinion! The 'Political Module' is also alive and kicking so I would also suggest -to old players as well as new players looking for a community- joining the Revolution by getting involved with a political party; I would suggest the party of change the Socialist Freedom Party. I also encourage every citizen to join a Private Military Unit, one which fits not only your military needs; but one that fits your politics needs as well and not the needs of some special interest group. Of course I fully recommend the Bear Cavalry MU and our Build A Bear Workshop for new citizens.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
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C'est la vie, Chérir'....
Comrade Franklin Stone
Socialist Freedom Party
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Military Fitness Academy, Class of 2601
Cadet Plebe, Advanced Training Academy, Resigned

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