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Why the Move? Empty Why the Move?

Post by Comrade Frank on Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:30 am

Revolt America! Get Involved!

For quit some time I have been disillusioned with the political system in America and with the We The People political party, which seems to be a staunch supporter of the current 'government' now in power; a 'government' which simply rotates the positions of power -such as Country President- among a select group of loyal friends. Many times I have thought about joining the Socialist Freedom Party, it wasn't until several of the membership suggested I might be happier with their family that I finally made the move; they were right -the SFP has welcomed me and my 'tin foil' politics with open arms and made me feel at home. Much like my home in Easy Company Militia -an international MU- the SFP has become my new political home. I feel that SFP is the party of the people and would suggest that if you are tired of the same rotation of political operatives holding powerful positions, then I suggest you join the party of revolution and help change the American political landscape.

Recently a new SFP member, Artela, raised a Congressional debate concerning whether the IES Director and PotUS ought to be the same person, in my opinion a legitimate question regardless of how well a Country President may be doing both functions. It was met with the usual mass attack by 'government' supporters with Wild Owl presenting a spreadsheet detailing current party affiliations of 66 recent immigrants. Interestingly, yet not totally unexpected was this response from one of the 'governments' most powerful leaders...

Pfieffer wrote:'Clearly this information shows that SFP is the problem, and are blatantly importing voters. Shall we discuss a blanket refusal of anyone they vouch for moving forward?'

The growth of the SFP membership has received a lot of public attention in recent days, much of it positive, but some negative. Already 'government' leaders -such as the one above- are trying to associate the few immigrants who have joined the SFP with the mass immigration of foreign citizens by 'The Unnamed Party' and their leader, while completely ignoring the 12 foreigners who joined the USWP; maybe Congress should discuss a 'blanket refusal' against anyone for whom they vouch.

Currently there are only two parties in America with any real power in Congress, the Federalist Party and the United States Workers Party; the AMP and WTP are simply -IMO- extensions of those two parties. The Black Sheep Party currently is the only 'independant' party with Congressional members who stand for the people in such matters as lowering the work tax, it is time for another 'free thinking' party in Congress, the Socialist Freedom Party is the oldest 6th party in America and IMO it is time we strive for a Top 5 position in order to elect Congressional members who will fight for all Americans; not just the privileged few who dominate the current political system and government.

Comrade Frank
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