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Post by Comrade Frank on Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:28 pm

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Reading music from Sumter, South Carolina; you know where the Civil War got mistakenly started....

Help Defend America! Join a Military Unit Today!
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Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for Easy Company Militia, nor do I speak for the majority of the We The People Leadership; but what both these communities have in common is the freedom for citizens to express themselves. I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First.

[TTH] Citizen Avatars Frankl9thCpl_zps9f83d07f
Franklin Stone, Inconsequential American Citizen, 'Popgun' Soldier and Former Congress Member

Today let us talk about avatars and what I believe they represent, what is it that bleeds over into game life from real life; well that is YOU. I chose Dwayne Johnson as the face of my Avatar for one simple reason, machismo; he exudes it. I have a flag on my chest to show I am American by birth, sunglasses cause my future's so bright; arms crossed with guns pumped showing my determination to stand my ground in the defense of America -politically and militarily. What my Avatar shows is I am a rabid mad dog American soldier.

One of the things I dislike in RL is 'Hero Worship', I get it when the juiced up young linebacker says, 'I am no ones role model.' Sadly though if you're famous -or notorious- you are a 'role model' and you will be judged; that is the main reason your avatar should reflect your beliefs. A major reason for my dislike of the 'eUSA Government' is represented by the eUSA Forums, hero worship. IMO every Presidential Administration has gotten there through 'presence', they were 'popular' you might even say 'famous' if so inclined; which is fine. What America needs though is 'a famous persona with a plan', someone who has a plan that will take us forward and grow the American Community rather than belittle it and it's citizens.

Personally I am tired of hearing, 'I've done shit, so I am above the rules; BTW I am the King Baller.'

One of America's heroes back in the day was one Eugene Harlot, who attacked without initiative and who is my namesake; god bless my dear mother. Another was Gaius Julius, who along with others; were forces in the War of Three Pillars era when America threatened Europe as a whole and our Serbian Enemies through the backdoor. The Glory Days of two time President Jewitt, followed by PigInZin; both of whom have passed on to the Real World.

America can no longer afford to live in the past, it can no longer cling to long dead Heroes like those above and Dio Brando, America can longer believe in a cause which is unforgiving of and cruel to any who stand in it's way; nor can America any longer follow believers in a dying 'Hero Worship Religion' that teaches such methods. Like all those other heroes Dio Brando is dead, buried and his religion is dying -perverted in the name of power- and America must move forward, America needs heroes that will get involved and make their voices heard; none of these heros achieved success without strife.

[TTH] Citizen Avatars DMJohnston_zpsae246bfe
Former President DMJohston, Long time American Citizen, Military and Political Leader

DMJohnston chose Theodore Roosevelt as the face of his eRepublik Persona, which shows he knows history and chose a blatant self promoting politician; BTW they walked up San Juan Hill and it wasn't even San Juan Hill they ascended. Awhile back DMJ managed to get himself elected as President, a fact he is so proud of he has failed to remove the Presidential Seal from his Avatar. From what he is wearing he seems to be displaying American colors, however those are also the colors of the United Kingdom; in this day and age it is hard to tell where a citizen's loyalty lies when prominent citizens first defect and then fast track their citizenships when they wanna return.

DMJohnston is out of uniform since he is not displaying his USAF uniform, that would seem to indicate he is not a soldier even though he is in the United States Armed Forces (USAF) -he won't even promote his own unit by being in uniform; he also does not display any political affiliation though I know he is a mover and shaker in We The People and Congress so maybe he could replace the Presidential Seal with his own parties seal -you know promote his party. To me this avatar shows the citizen is a shameless self promoter who rest on past glories, then much like the USAF takes full credit for something 9 other MUs help them achieve. It shows me he clings to the past and is afraid to face change, even when it has been proven time and again that privatization works; government oversight fails.

DMJohnston recently published [DIO] We Ride Roughly on to Spain in his newspaper, I mentioned my concerns to him and his answers are there for all to see; this is a paper which uses a header that prominently shows him sitting at his desk with the White House behind him. To a new citizen this conveys the message of him sitting at his desk in the White House, put together with the fact that he still wears the Seal and I am pretty sure that new citizen will think he is the President of the United States -which he is not. Hell, even Henry Pfeiffer Arundel removed the Seal when he left office; though I believe he too is out of uniform; displaying another units patch on his uniform.

The Pony Express released an article recently and I wish you to take note of a comment made by Rainy Sunday.

[TTH] Citizen Avatars RainyComment_zps12473007

Does anyone know at this time what DMJohnston's job is? A new citizen might think he is the President. DMJ takes the attitude with his Avatar of a new citizen should check his profile and they would see he isn't the President, my view is to be open and honest and not misleading; to help a new citizen instead of telling them, 'Go away son. You bother me.' Now Rainy is a long time player and if she is confused, it is beyond doubt that a new citizen has no idea what is going on nor do they know where to go to find the answer. Now while DMJ tells them to go find it themselves, I would rather provide them a link to the answer they seek; god protect a new citizen who ask questions on the eUSA Forums. Let a new citizen ask a question in General eRepublik Talk and the cluster bump is underway, America is not keeping citizens so long as such behavior is tolerated; America can not attract any citizen -new or old- into Congress when it is a toxic waste dump.

[TTH] Citizen Avatars The_20Lipinski_20Community_20Center

America needs a "Community Center' for new citizens, maybe an eWest Point Military College as suggested by AMP member George S. Patton Jr; a central place the New Citizen Message could direct them to -like the Welcome Wagon or West Point. In order to ease new citizens into game life an area with links to food and weapons help, help in answering their questions; a Military Academy to help fill ALL of America's many MUs. In my last article New Citizen Recommendations I provided new citizens with links to current happenings in Congress, I recommended We The People as a party of openness; shamelessly promoted the greatest Private Military Unit in America -Easy Company Militia. Another recommendation I would make is this, put some thought into your avatar; if you can't make one most military units have graphic experts who will make one for you simply for the asking.

Some of the greatest leaders of the world, Alexander the Great and Kublai Khan understood customs and beliefs; their Empires incorporated local customs and beliefs into the Empire not the other way around. America must learn this custom when dealing with other World Leaders, the place that must start is among ourselves in our own Congress; how can American citizens allow such toxic Leaders to represent them on the World Stage. While America is kicking ass in Europe it must be kept in mind that eventually the common Double Spaniard citizen must be heard and won over; a happy lazy Double Spaniard won't revolt.

In recent days America has seen a small resurgence in old citizens returning to the game, which gives me great joy and is maybe a good sign for eRepublik; without these old citizens returning new citizens will not know where America has been nor where we are going and is it the right way.  Welcome them back with open arms, but America can no longer afford to rely on old citizens and old programs, America can no longer afford to hold onto old dying Religious Beliefs. America can no longer follow leaders who are unforgiving and demeaning -even Dio was forgiving- to those citizens who would stand against them. America needs instead a Religion of Reason, Understanding and Forgiveness. Every Man is his own Religion, America does not need religious zealots who war in the name of a long dead hero; we need new ways of being Congressional Leaders other than the childish, bullying, name calling way of you're either with us or you're against us. To start America needs to be a 'Religious Free Zone', welcoming of all the religions of our many immigrants; America needs to renounce the extremist cult of Dioism as our National Religion.

Religion without forgiveness is tyranny.

It takes American Citizens getting involved by voicing their opinions and Breaking the Silence to create change!


C'est la vie, chérir'....
Strength & Honor
Corporal Franklin Stone
Military Fitness Academy Cadet
Easy Company Militia, Private Military Unit
9th 'Green Team' Regiment
Pax Armis Acquiritur

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