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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Dec 11, 2014 6:12 pm

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Party President Elections
Strength & Honor
By: Franklin Stone

I want to give thumbs up to some parties. Thumb up to the BSP who do it in game, the AMP who actually have three members who want to be Party President; the WTP for their openness and 2 thumbs up to the FEDS who took the time to create a good Party Statement and had 3 members who wanted the office. So here we go...

Black Sheep Party
Arrden, Party President

The Black Sheep Party (BSP) is the only party which settles Party President (PP) elections on election day in game. The BSP is a very close tight knit flock, and any sheep may run for PP.

Current Party President Arrden, Henry William French and new comer Dominar Rygel XVI will be the candidates for the BSP Presidency. I very much like that the BSP settles things 'in game', but for new parties this could be dangerous and lead to a Political Takeover by a more powerful party.  In early morning (07:14 AM EST) returns Arrden seems to be in control of the race.

American Military Party
Israel Stevens, Party President

The American Military Party (AMP) holds a two day nomination period during which anyone may be nominated, this process runs immediately prior to the primary and it takes two nominations to get on the ballot. The AMP's primaries opened yesterday and they will close on Friday night. AMPs current candidates are George S. Patton Jr., Mr Swagg and John Killah. It would seem Israel Stevens has dropped from the race as he does not appear on the ballot and that there is no clear favorite. With Mr Swagg the only remaining primary candidate left on the ballot it is assumesd he will be the next AMP PP.

We The People
Blande, Party President

We The People starts out with nominations beginning on the 9th of each month at High Noon and run until the 11th, it takes two nominations and a acceptance from the candidate to be included on the ballot. Primaries start immediately after nominations close on the 11th around High Noon and ends on the 13th at High Noon. George Griffin seems to have been a Dark Horse in his run for Party President on a change ticket, but long time WTP member and status quo believer Cubby was a strong contender and through his lack of doing anything has shown party strength and unity and will be the next WTP Party President. It has been learned that in early morning (07:14 AM EST) voting The Mike was putting on a strong showing in what many would call a PTO if were not for The Mike’s long time WTP membership

Federalist Party
Trekker Tlumac, Party President

1) The Fed election starts with a nomination process that we do on the forum.

That goes up on the 6th of each month. It takes 5 nominations (and an acceptance by the potential candidate) to be included in the primary.

Around the same time the nominations go up there is a Q&A thread that goes up. People can ask all the candidates questions and each candidate will respond on their own answer thread.

On the 10th the nominations close and the Primary vote goes up. This vote will last until the 13th.

This winner of this primary vote becomes our official candidate and the non-winners are asked to pull their candidacies from the in-game mechanics.

2) Leadership has not direct influence over who is in the primaries and cannot add candidates to the pool. They must receive 5 nominations and confirm they want to be in the primary. The only control leadership has is who each individual personally nominates. If their candidate has not excepted by the time the pools close, they will not be included.

3) On most months we have 3-4 candidates in the primary. Some months there is less. Some months we have a general idea of who the next candidate will be. But generally it is interesting to see how things play out, because they are not always predictable.

This month we have Tyler Bubblar, Paul Proteus, and dk3dknight in the poll. Tyler is coming off a recent CP position and is well-known nationally. Paul is an old and, until recently, semi-retired politician who has recently taken an interest in party politics again. dk3dknight is probably the least well known of the bunch, as he has never been deeply involved in anything but party politics. But DK is one of the continual workhorses of the Fed party and I know he will be a great Party President when he gets the chance to be.

Since I do not see any of the other previously mentioned candidates aside from Tyler Bubblar, the WHPR will assume 'as the man on the street' that Tyler is the selected candidate for the FEDS. All the other candidates are unknown to this reporter and I would encourage members of the FEDS to vote Tyler, while this is a bit different than the BSP example above this could be dangerous even for a powerful party; being so big and unable to remove party members everybody and their mother runs.

Unites States Workers Party
Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, Party President

USWP's Party President Henry Pfeiffer Arundel has declined our invitation to respond. Mr Arundel did release his usual picture filled article to announce that he had selected as USWP PP for another term in the USWP Primaries.

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[WHPR] Party President Elections Empty Re: [WHPR] Party President Elections

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