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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Dec 11, 2014 10:35 am

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Recommended music from Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Mr Arundel's home crib...?

Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for Easy Company Militia, nor do I speak for the majority of the We The People Leadership; but what both these communities have in common is the freedom for citizens to express themselves. I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First.

Recommended Private Military Units - Stand Alone, Together!

Help Defend America! Join a Military Unit Today!
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Recommended Reading

This is a list of recommended reading from the Public Congressional Proceedings on the official congressional forums of the 'eUSA Government' the eUSA Forums:

Who is actually running IES?
[Discussion] Removal of IES Director - The Original Hawkie
Nominations for IES Director
[Discussion] Creation of a "whitelist"
How hard is it get eAmerican citizenship?

What the above threads will do for those of you who are new to America is it will introduce you to the key Political figures in the 'eUSA Government', it is the public's only visibility into the workings of your government; you may reply -I recommend that you do so- even though you must be granted the privilege of a reply or questions, most Forum Administrator's see it. Be fearless, this is a tough crowd and is the second oldest profession in the world and just as dirty, chérir'....

Recommended Political Party

[TTH] New Citizen Recommendations Wtp_logo_t_zps0da1e5ce

We The People, how can I recommend any other party for one simply reason; they put up with Cold Hearted Snake's like me. Like Easy Company Militia -the Private Military Unit I recommend to all new citizens- they allow me to be the old bald curmudgeon at the end of the bar; sipping Scotch, puffing a Havana and shooting my mouth off. Unlike some other parties the WTP allows discussion, not that I have been involved in party functions of late; but with two Former Presidents like DMJohnston and Oblige I am pretty sure those discussions are lively. Although there seems to have been a question concerning our Presidential Candidate Primaries last, I think all the parties suffered that same problem; just hoping any question were answered and the problem fixed.

Recommended Military Unit

[TTH] New Citizen Recommendations GreenTeamA_zpscd039120
Easy Company Militia, America's #1 Private Military Unit

How can I or anyone else in America recommend any other unit; Easy Company Militia is simply the best Private Military Unit in America, but it takes a cadre of Military Units to create America's Military Deterrence; no one unit can nor should do it alone.

Defend America, Stand Alone; Together!

Strength & Honor
Corporal Franklin Stone
Military Fitness Academy Cadet
Easy Company Militia, Private Military Unit
9th 'Green Team' Regiment
Pax Armis Acquiritur

Join a Party Today! Vote for President Dec 5th!
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