[TTH] DeepChill for President of the United States

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[TTH] DeepChill for President of the United States

Post by Comrade Frank on Mon Dec 01, 2014 10:22 am

Music for your reading enjoyment....

Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for Easy Company Militia, nor do I speak for the Majority of the We The People Leadership; but what both these communities have in common is the freedom for citizens to express themselves. I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an 'insignificant' but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First.

The Tin Hat does not often endorse a candidate for President, but this month the Commanding Officer of the greatest private military unit in America -DeepChill- is running. DC has 'put in the time' in both the military and political arenas, my belief is that DC has consistently shown his ability to build and maintain a community of inclusive fairness ramrodding the Easy Company Forums and Easy Company Militia Private Military Unit (PMU).

My belief is that DC will created the basic building blocks needed for the growth of America by taking the many great privately funded programs in America and centralizing them into a program to attract new citizens to our country. He will work toward a government of inclusion, not one which creates a caustic environment such as the eUSA Forums, one that seems intend on driving away citizens. America is not a country of silence, it is the homeland of free speech and 'Tin Hat' thinking; pretty sure the guy who pitched selling water at the corner convenience store was told to remove his foil hat. America has 3000+ citizens, we birth New Citizens every day, yet 75% of America does not even vote at election time.

Shame on you America!
Get out and vote!

Help Govern America! Join a Political Party Today!

One of the most important things a citizen must do is participate, this is a social game when it comes to the Media and Political 'modules'; a citizen must read the media and read the threads on the many forums and make up your own mind. Decide if you as a American citizen wants a 'eUSA Government' that governs by intimidation and belittlement, one that wants all citizens to unquestioningly march to the same drummer like totalitarian robots; or a Government of free thinkers who wishes to include you in the process of running America.

Currently we are governed by leaders who were elected by less than 25% of America or 808 citizens. Currently America has around 62 regions (depending on whether we lost or gained a region), of that those 62 seats in Congress: 16 are FEDS, 15 are USWP, 11 are WTP and the BSP and AMP each have 10. Simply put I want America to be aware that tax rates, the government budget and Foreig Affairs are conducted and controlled by those 62 Congressional Members. As an America citizen it you duty to do two things fight for America and elect our leaders, if you don't like the way things are run the get out and vote!

Help Defend America! Join a Military Unit Today!

The Encyclopedia Britannica defines Military Deterrence as the military strategy under which one power uses the threat of reprisal effectively to preclude an attack from an adversary power.

Currently the standing army for the 'eUSA Government' is the Unites States Armed Forces (USAF). America's standing army is under the direct command of the President, thus it provides a National Military Unit that without question follows Presidential Orders. The theory is that this provides the 'eUSA Government' with a Military Deterrent to use as a negotiating tool in Foreign Affairs. Sounds very nice, all knowledgeable and everythin'; problem is the USAF doesn't provide that deterrence alone - there are 4 other units in the Top 5 and all of them are Private Military Units (PMU).

A quick check of the Weekly Leader Board will show citizens several things:
a) Easy Company Militia is the perennial leader
b) the USAF is a perennial also ran
c) given the same funding to Seal Team 6 and they would be the perennial runner up
d) 4 out of the Top 5 units are privately funded.

Over the last few weeks several of these PMUs have proven that given funding they are capable of soundly thumping the USAF. There are several reasons given for the continued support of the USAF by the 'eUSA Government', one is that they provide the government with a Military Deterrence tool to be used in Foreign Affairs; another is that the USAF provides the President who will unquestionably obey orders.

Several questions come to mind:
Does the USAF really provide a deterrence?
Since the Commanders of the PMUs sit on the National Security Council (NSC) and help to determine those orders, why would they disobey orders and why is their loyalty being questioned?

Currently the 'eUSA Government' supports the USAF with a 60,000 Country Currency (CC) per week/ 240,000 CC per month Budget Line (US Government Budget November 2014), taking into consideration the above information should the American Taxpayer continue to support the USAF? IMO one of two things should happen: America should stop funding any MU or America should start funding all Top 5 units with the same budget line as the USAF. IMO, the American Government needs to cut spending on any MUs and begin spending Tax Revenue to help support the many great privately funded new player assistance programs with monthly 'Government Grant' donations.

Strength & Honor
Corporal Franklin Stone
9th 'Green Team' Regiment
Easy Company Militia
Pax Armis Acquiritur
Comrade Frank
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