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Post by Comrade Frank on Mon Jul 31, 2017 8:40 am

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Introducing Plato's Foundation

My suggestions are directed to Plato and his new boss Stilfront Group. Simply complete the updates to the following two updates, eRepublik Cities Update and New Industry and Aircraft Battles. Both of these updates held great potential and have yet to be completed.

Anti cheating software. One of the biggest reasons this game went to seed is the fact Plato and eRep Labs would do nothing about the cheating and the game went from 40K+ American citizens to 1600 American citizens today. Install any of the these anti-cheating software packages: nProtect GameGuard, PunkBuster, Valve Anti-Cheat. Doing this simple update would eliminate those currently cheating and any potential future cheaters.

Once those three things are accomplished then Stilfront Group needs to encourage a BABY BOOM. Plato needs to advertise this game -using press releases- through every major worldwide news outlet. Until eRepublik gets NEW citizens any programs to help the community are going to fail.

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