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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Sep 21, 2016 1:40 pm

First I must apologize to my fellow Commanders as this post comes as a complete surprise to them.


It is I the silent but deadly popgun tin hat wearing fearless leader of one of the oldest and one of the few remaining units from the Great War of 2009, Comrade Commander Franklin Stone. There are those of us who remember that and wars such as War of the Three Pillars with Citizen Soldiers.

I have been in Command for some weeks and as everyone knows I have remained pretty much silent.


First thing, please simply let us know that you are still active here. I titled this Morning Formation but is really roll call. It is my belief that IF perception training becomes available BC has the chance to really compete with the likes of EZC.

My thinking is that with private donations we can not only make BC self-sufficient we should -along with the party- establish a new military Unit.  The Brown Coats.

Now to start I propose we begin with a volunteer regiment of BC members who wish to do no fighting except in Air Battles. Volunteer for this unit and for now all it will earn you is a new uniform. One that shows you are in the Brown Coats. I hope to reinstate or revamp the Build-A-Bear program based on the upgrading of Perception Training Centers, although I think we will see very expensive Q5 TC.

I also believe we need to refocus our flare for freeing countries. I recently noticed that many members are also members of small but fairly strong MUs. I believe we need to reach out to those members and through them to their MUs and become laser focused on overthrowing Dictators. People are beginning to do just that now is the time to aswitch focus.

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