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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Sep 07, 2016 10:38 am

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The other day while in discussion with a friend it seemed as though we had nothing in common when it came to politics, except it was GLORIOUS to see the Sooners lose another for Big Game Bob, but in the end, we totally agreed. However, when I mentioned what I thought was the Military Arm of their Party I was quickly informed that they did not have a Military Arm. Now the Socialist Freedom Party has long maintained that the Bear Cavalry is not the Military Arm of the SFP, yet during the December Rebellion of 2016 Congress used the gossamer connection between BC and SFP to Blacklist SFP members who had simply privately contributed to a private MU. Now I mostly blame the Wiki article SFP Bear Cavalry for this misconception, but I want to give credit where credit is due, to those who crave all the credit and so I give full credit to Pfieffer.

Now back to non-Party Military Units. Easy Company has long maintained they are an Apolitical Private Military Unit while creating a political party. DeepChill, (I love y'all Chill but...) has a hard time keeping it that way since the most active political figures are in EZC and I think you will also find most are USWP members, supported by the fact that Pfieffer's cabinet was packed with them which was his way of asking them to be his Palace Guard, after all, he is the Prince of something or other. Now I am pretty sure if you ask Chill and the Party President of the USWP they will both say, 'EZC is not the party MU for the USWP.'

My point here is that there is no such thing as an Apolitical Private Military Unit. Every MU in America is filled with Citizens who belong to one party or the other. Commanders like Chill can say EZC is not political and do everything they can to keep politics out of their unit, but in the end, everyone in the unit has loyalty to one party or the other. Some of them may even be loyal to foreign lands.

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Over in Public Congressional Proceedings there are three threads They are: Reinstate Dioism as the National eReligion of the eUSA, [Vote] Reinstate Dioism as State Religion, and [Discussion] Blacklist the Heretics or: Dioist Inquisition 2016 part 2). Now it seems as though these measures are not attracting much support, however, I see several things that need to be pointed out. First, notice how quickly these went through a Congress that is normally as slow as molasses in winter. Second, I am pretty sure Mr. Aundel is a Dioist. Third, notice that those in the threads calling for a Dioist Revolt, followed by an Inquisition and the Blacklisting of heretics are the same friends he wish to put in as 'placeholders' while he consolidated power in his hands.

So in a Massive Multiplayer Online ROLE PLAYING GAME the meta-government controls the eUSA Congress on an outside forum that is awash in bottom feeding Homophobic bullies and Administrators who abuse their powers (Cititation: Discussions / Re: [Discussion] Amnesty Bill of 2016 and Favorite Quotes) we are currently seeing a sore loser try to take his revenge. Using a Congress which through the Dictator Law controls the in-game American Congress. Mr. Arundel need not plop his ass into the big chair he simply needs to sit back and let his minions Blacklist those who do not convert to Dioism and control Congress. Now ask yourself, 'What would have happened if he had won and consolidated all power in his hands.' While demeaning the Socialist Freedom Party for trying an RL belief in the game it seems they have brought an RL belief in terrorism.

IMHO, what is happening in Congress currently is nothing short of rebellion against the Dictator duly elected by the People. It is a Blacklisting offense as grievous as the December Rebellion. A Rebellion led by a radical religion that wishes to control Congress through terror. A terroristic religion of which Mr. Arundel is a member. Yet not a one of those citizens will be Blacklisted. Maybe he is not the leader of the Dioist Terrorist in Congress but he supports them simply by belonging to the same religion. If you are a Congress member, no matter your party, I advise voting no to all current and any such future terroristic measures because you may be next.

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