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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Sep 01, 2016 11:09 am

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During this recent Dictator Election cycle, America was given the choice between what I see as inclusion and one of exclusion. In one hand, we had Orikfricai (The Dwarf Times) who was supported by 4 of the Top 5 parties and the Old Farts and to whom  I have only one suggestion, 'Hit the ground running.' Orik more or less wanted the status quo keeping jobs some considered political fluff to gain political points, suddenly I found myself defending a status quo I had always fought against. I will admit that yes most of those jobs may indeed be fluff for points but isn't that the point. In any Administration there are those who put nose to grindstone and 'git r done', then there are others that are like the pink and black Boa around the neck of a Queen.

On the other hand, we had Henry Pfeiffer Arundel who was calling for a UNITY of power into his hands and the nhands of a few select friends as Ministers (remember he is the Prince of something) simply as placeholders until he got a grip on power.  Mr. Arundel intended to cut 'the fluff' and in some areas and I would have agreed with and supported him. For instance. Why does America have a Department of Defense and a National Security Council? My understanding is that the NSC directs America's Military Campaign Strategy, their job is to keep us fighting to defend our Country, defend our Allies and most of all defend Freedom World Wide. The NSC is staffed by the Commanders of Private Military Units such as Easy Company, War Inc, Bear Cavalry and VMA-214 who -IMHO- are the defenders of our frontiers sans government funding.

I believe the DoD directs -in theory- America's Military Battle Tactics for all the 'official armed forces' of America. Sadly America has exactly none since the USAF has been defunded and is now a private MU. The Executive has no more control over the USAF than they have over any other private MU. This government still does not understand the concept of building loyalty from the bottom up in individual Citizen Soldiers , the very Citizen Soldiers they wish to Command and from whom they wish to receive votes. Easy understands this concept and it is why they are the #1 MU in America. The Feds understand loyalty to Party members and using that concept they have built the #1 party in America.

There has been some chatter concerning Arm America and their promise of supplies for fighting per orders. Seems that although AA had a budget line of $20,000 it has not been a functioning program in some time and in fact, had not requested funding in some time. Now sadly AA was a program I supported but its problem was government funding and Congressional Oversight. My belief is such programs and agencies such as the Department of Citizens Affairs should be privately funded on the party level.

The SFP used to run the Raining Day Tank and Food program which at one time supplied anyone who requested. I will be encouraging the SFP to relaunch the RDT&F program. Each party should have a DoCA, each party should have an AA, and each party should have a Foreign Office that reaches out to like parties in other countries.  Sadly the SFP doesn't have a DoCA that runs such programs like BU2SU or StW, nor does BC have a Military Fitness Academy (helping soldiers to upgrade TCs both old ones and new perception) the likes of Easy Company but my understanding was that the USAF was being used to train soldiers to migrate to America's Free Militias, believe it was known as Flight Training and was to suppose to be a feeder unit to the Free Militias who are the backbone of America's Defense.

What I understand is that other than our monthly Mutual Protect Pact cost America as a country has no other required expenses. America is sitting on an untold and unverified amount the government calls a reserve in case of war, while our foreign policy has brought us peace and prosperity making friends out of our enemies; in an FN WAR GAME. Cut out all other programs including the National Reserve and America needs -at least currently- a mere $60,000 to maintain those MPPs. Mr. Arundel could drum that up on his show in a heartbeat, maybe even Gnilraps will donate it to him. Therefore I will be proposing that the parties work in a nonpartisan way to create and run the existing National Programs on the Party Level. Seems that Congress -after several lulz votes- will be passing a budget with only two funding lines, the cost of MPPs and the remaining unknown amount going to a Reserve held by private citizens.

I will be suggesting that the SFP helps in finding a way to build a coalition of Socially aware citizens with the Freedom within their Party to help in a nonpartisan way to privately fund such programs as AA and Citizen Help agencies like the DoCA. On the other hand who am I but a lowly Pop Gun Tank in Command of a Pop Gun Militia whose damage seemingly doesn't matter to some of those in government.

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Post by Comrade Frank on Sat Sep 03, 2016 2:31 pm

Thanks to Phoenix Quinn, from the Socialist Freedom Party, we can publish our first Internationalist Tutorial. Three mistaken ideas can be discerned amongst the Far-Left in eRepublik.

1) To be concerned only about cooperation with in-game bourgeois forces and to forget about the workers, the soldiers and the progressive middle strata of the e-World. This is Right Opportunism.

2) To be concerned only about creating so-called socialist or communist countries and likewise to forget about the workers, the soldiers and the progressive middle strata. This deviation turns proletarian leadership into capitalist leadership with a fake-socialist veneer. It's also known as "waving the red flag to defeat the red flag". This is "Left" (i.e, fake-left) Opportunism.

3) To be concerned only about the workers, the soldiers and the progressive middle strata within the game and to forget about the workers, soldiers, alienated middle classes and oppressed people in the real world. This is Virtual Opportunism.

The natural bedrock of the international e-proletarian revolutionary movement, the common everyday workers and soldiers of the eRepublik nations are the largest group of players. Every new player is born into this class. Much of their e-Life is devoted to just working and fighting. First they're denigrated as "noobs", then they're castigated as "two-clickers", then they're driven into long-term exploitation.

1) The Broadband Super-highway of long-term exploitation
Exploited workers are assimilated by capitalist e-bourgeois culture, but don't actually join the e-capitalist ruling class. The "good little workers and soldiers" mostly just get ripped off for their labor and follow orders, often hypnotized by the siren call of hyper-nationalist propaganda. The majority of players, the sleep-walking majority of the e-labouring class, follow this path.

2) The Middle Path leads to a fork in the road
A good number of workers set up organizations, newspapers and private companies and keep them running for a while. They might get involved in political parties, social forums and markets but are usually not extremely active. They develop an interest in participating in production and culture and in a very, very general sense can be considered the 'professional' class. This middle strata, which is the second largest class of players, eventually encounters a choice:

2a) Get bored, crushed or disappointed by the petty narrow-mindedness of the game's built-in capitalist economics, with its bias towards overproduction and war, they become sympathetic to and potential allies of the laborers. Those that see this outcome tend to become the progressive middle strata.

2b) Align themselves ideologically with the e-bourgeois class in the hopes of "running with the big dogs". Those that pursue this fork in the road become potential "junior allies" of the imperialists and the big bourgeoisie. These tend to become the backward, bought-off middle class, the reactionary small-bourgeois forces.

3) The Jungle Road: Gorillas and Chimpanzees
The bourgeois class itself divides into two main camps: gorillas and chimpanzees. Both vainly seek to "win" the game by accumulating e-power and e-gold.

3a) Some new workers seek to become integrated into one or another nationalist, cultish or military power structure. They are entranced by a fruitless effort to "win" the game by destroying or occupying other nations. Immersing themselves in the politics of "pure game mechanics", these 400-pound gorillas are the e-capitalist ruling strata: the political and military power brokers, the imperialists within the e-bourgeois class.

3b) Those who seek to impose domination in the economic sphere aspire to "win" economically by privately owning companies, managing banks and investment schemes, or by manipulating the money markets. Typically mis-led by an ideology of vulgar right-wing libertarianism or utilitarianism, they tend to behave like a tribe of chimpanzees: a strict social hierarchy is enforced by lots of chattering and display. These are the financiers, accountants, salesmen, managers, and ad men of the bourgeois class.

4) The Revolutionary Road
The revolutionary workers realize, sooner or later, that a truly New and better e-World is possible. They seek ways to transform it in the interest of the broad e-masses and, to benefit the oppressed people of the real world too, at least in the cultural sphere. They variously describe themselves as socialists, anarchists, anarcho-syndicalists, left-wing democrats or left-wing social-democrats, internationalists of various types, communists, absurdists, dadaists, situationists, artists, intellectuals and anti-imperialist guerillas. The revolutionaries can be further categorized into two types:

4a) The conscious revolutionaries, who look for opportunities and carry out plans to transform the very nature of and influence of the game in a sweeping and all-encompassing way, both internally and externally.

4b) The spontaneous revolutionaries, who take up transformative game play mainly out of frustration with the reflexive conditions bound up in the game context.
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