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Post by Comrade Frank on Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:34 am

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Before I begin my pontifications I want everyone to go read fingerguns article Give me something to believe in.... Pay VERY close attention to what she has written for it goes to the heart of this game.

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For months I have been trying to explain how voting on the Congressional Forums housed on the eUSA Forums works. Their argument being we should conform to game mechanics yet it is plain that our Constitution deviates from game mechanics in obvious ways. Recently a friend of mine made a comment somewhere in a thread which sparked the terminal laziness in me and I realized that our Constitution differs from the game mechanics in some very basic ways. Quorum does not exist in the eRepublik Congress. Neither does Abstention. You either vote or you don't vote. You vote either yes or no and depending on whichever vote has the most the proposal either passes or it fails.  Only an Impeachment or Natural Enemy vote must receive a 66%, yet it seems that in the meta Congress every vote must meet that standard. In Recent months many proposals have failed to pass even when the majority of Congressional Members voted yes. They either failed because the quorum was not met or because the 'plurality' was not high enough or in plain language, 'Ya, didn't win big enough, Bro'. The most glaring departure is the ability to change thy vote, no such mechanic exist in eRepublik. In the meta Congress, a Member may Abstain and later they may return to change his or her vote to either a yes or a no vote, but whether it is a yes, no or abstain they all count toward the quorum, a mechanic which does not even exist in eRepublik.

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America is faced with a choice. Two candidates for Dictator. For the moment let us set aside the fact I think one of them is a traitor and concentrate on just one aspect of Mr. Arundel. For years he has been demanding that America plays eRepublik by mechanics and not roleplay. Yet the Constitution and Dictator Law are just roleplay rules by which you play the game of eUSA Forums, a forum roleplaying rule mechanic which has no corresponding eRepublik game mechanic. In fact, the Dictator Law is a blatant rewriting of an eRepublik mechanic, the ability to overthrow a Dictator; the very principle America was founded upon. A reason to not vote for Mr. Arundel is a simple fact, he supports the Constitution as is and would not support Amendments to bring that document and Congressional Voting in line with game mechanics. Now Mr. Arundel has promised activity in the media and sadly to say he has started off rather strongly with a nice announcement article in the game. He has even bothered to ask for endorsements on party forums including the Socialist Freedom Party, although it seems he can not be bothered with signing into Congress. Mr. Arundel has stated that he feels the last several Dictators had been lacking, especially in the area of communication. Now I will admit that recently Mr. Arundel has increased his in-game activity with shouts and articles but my question is where was he before all this activity. Did he actively support the sitting Dictators whose activity he is now questioning or did he smoke cigars, sip Bourbon and make deals to undermine those Dictators in the dark broom closets of Congress?

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The current thinking in Congress concerning the status of the USAF can be found in the thread Citizen's Militia? in Public Congress. Now my belief is when Congress removed funding from the USAF it became a private MU, one which belongs to Rainy Sunday lock stock and barrel. Once it became a private MU it was no longer a part of the Offical Armed Forces of America it became a Militia.

Some have argued it still belongs to the Executive Branch and the USAF is the Executives to Command. Now according to the laws of the land, the Dictator must be in DIRECT control of the American Citizens Militia. Since Rainy Sunday is in DIRECT Command of the now Private Military Unit known as the USAF, she owns it lock stock and barrel -whose actual infrastructure was apparently DONATED- and hers to do with as she pleases because it is private if for no other reason than the USAF took those donations of infrastructure.

An argument has been mad using:
'1. The country president is the head of state, chief diplomat and Commander in Chief of the eUSA and its armed forces. The President as the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces maintains complete control over the Armed Forces.  The country president may delegate power to congress or appoint advisers and aides to assist.' A position I agree with, however, the USAF became private unofficially when it received its first donation from anyone other than the government. It officially went private when Congress removed funding from the USAF and it became a Militia. I see no reason to dump more Tax Revenue into any Private MU as a National Military Unit, especially when one of strongest protectors of America's Frontiers is a Private Military Unit which has time after time refused Government Funding.

Suddenly Mr. Arundel is active and supporting the USAF. He believes the USAF is still the National Military Unit and wishes them to remain the Official National Military Unit of America as a private MU. My question? Where was his support in the game for the United States Armed Forces previously? The support that he now seems all too willing to give as Dictator. I believe he wishes to use Constitutional Appendix: Department of Defense Organization & Roles to force funding of a private MU to create a Palace Guard. My belief is that no unit can be private and be the 'official' government MU. For these reasons, I feel a vote in Congress to clearly settle the USAF's status once and for all is called for. I also believe that the above-mentioned Constitutional Appendix should be repealed, if for no other reason than every Private MU in America has refused any Government Funding.

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