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Post by Comrade Frank on Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:06 pm

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Dictator elections are upon us and over on the Federalist Party Forum long time player and Federialist Orikfricai has declared his intent to run for Dictator. Now I for one have bombarded him with questions, most of which are considered uncalled for by many. However, I feel compelled to point out that citizens who oppose such questions beat the Citizens of America with the mantra that we should play this game by mechanics, while using roleplay to install a Constitution and later a Dictator Law and that circumvents not only game mechanics but gives them complete control over what happens to America's Tax Revenue. This meta-government which controls the meta Congress on the out of game eUSA Forums, a forum which is a cesspool of corruption where bullying sexist racism is used to drive Citizens away from that forum and away from Congress, has broken Constitutional Law simply by not having a Weekly Sign In and requiring EVERY member of Congress to sign in.  However when it comes to voting on proposals they demand sticking to a strict interpretation of Constitutional Law.

One of those questions was the one about meta Congressional Voting vs eRepublik Game Mechanics referenced in my link. The eRepublik voting system has no quorum. The Games Mechanics do not allow for Abstentions, either you vote or you don't, the meta Congress does and even allows for changing your vote, another mechanic not in eRepublik. A yes is a yes. A no is a no. Abstaining is equivalent to not pressing either button. More yes votes than no mean a motion passes (and vice versa). Sometimes you need a 66% majority to pass, however, only for Impeachment and Natural Enemy. So rather than get tied in knots with the semantic arguments some Congressional Members use the SFP simply proposes that meta Congressional Voting on the eUSA Forums reflect Game Mechanics.

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Earlier today Henry Pfeiffer Arundel published an article entitled Pfeiffer for President - Break's over in which he declares he will be running for Dictator. Pfieffer needs no introduction, anyone playing this game knows him. Now I consider him America's arch nemesis, others count him among their most trusted friends. In his article, he states he will take over American Foreign Affairs with Wild Owl as his right-hand man. To me, this simply means it will be endless Training Wars and more appeasement of our enemies and a trembling fearful peace in an FN war game.

While Pfieffer did some things back in the early days of America which I suppose were good for the Citizens of America those things have long since received a fabulous ROI. Ever since he began his campaign to rid America of the JCS military command structure all his political maneuvering has been for one goal. Consolidate all power in the USWP and by default in his own hands. Everything he and by default the USWP supports is to protect that political power but most of all control of American Tax Revenue.

Even now he supports trying to save the United States Armed Forces. After wasting millions maybe even billions of Tax Revenue on a National Military Unit that failed in every aspect and who had to rely on a Private Miltary Unit, a unit which received NO Congressional Funding and in fact refused such funding time after time, to do its job of protecting America. It is my belief that Pfeiffer intends to use Constitutional Appendix: Department of Defense Organization & Roles of the Constitution to force funding of the USAF.

However, his harmful programs are not what I can not forgive. It is his Treason to America. As pointed out endlessly by me he defected to the enemy during wartime. During an invasion in which he fought against American Troops in American Core Regions and gave aid to a Multinational Invasion which wiped America for the first time in our History. All of those infractions are crimes which have gotten others Blacklisted, some can not even return to America for such infractions. Yet here Pfeiffer is running for Dictator. A citizen who has stabbed America in the back. Maybe that is Roleplaying but no more so than roleplaying Censuring or Blacklisting Citizens which is yet another mechanic that eRepublik does not have.

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