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DeepChill defeats.... Empty DeepChill defeats....

Post by Comrade Frank on Sat Nov 29, 2014 12:54 pm

It is with great pride that I wish to congratulate DeepChill on his winning the Presidency. Once again a member and leader of the greatest Private Military Unit in America, Easy Company Militia, will be leading our country. In the coming days my belief is America will see great changes. Some of these I hope will become the building blocks of a inclusive government, one of encouragement and mentorship sponsored well organized Government Departments. A government whose elected leaders strive to attract and retain new citizens, strives to encourage and build a community of loyal citizens; a community of educated new citizens who will become the new leaders of America.

One thing I must mention at the beginning is that, as my friend Ziggy said, it all about participation. Having played this game for sometime now it is also obvious that politics in eRepublik comes down to numbers. In the last Congressional Elections some where near 25% of 3000+ America turned out to vote for our Congressional Leaders, that means 75% of the American population either had nothing to say or they felt as though their voice would go unheard.
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