[TTH] Why so many forums?

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[TTH] Why so many forums?

Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:43 am

Last night I listened to the second show of the new incarnation of eNPR. The program was great and covered a lot of topics, only one topic was missed, Plato's coming game changes. The topic I wish to address is outside forums. Currently there four forums of importance in America: Socialist Freedom Party, Federalist Party and the The Black Sheep. Then there is the cesspoll that claims to be the National Forums, the eUSA Forums.

One of the questions that came up was, 'Why do we need so many forums?' My opinion has always been that any party that wishes to survive must build a community, to build a community you must have a forum; in order build a forum community your forum must be open and welcoming to all citizens -even those who do everything they can to destroy you. A forum is a place for Party members to gather to discuss the issues confronting America, a place where the Party Media Team hammers out articles; a place where Party Leadership conducts party business. A Party forum should make citizens feel welcomed, it should be a place where citizens feel they can express an opinion and not be called a 'douche bag' because 'that questions has been asked a thousand time' or -like mine above- have your post edit behind the scenes. Several viewers last night expressed the opinion that the reason the National Forum is dead is because America has so many outside forums, I submit that the reason it is dead is bullsh*t like that above.

The opinion was expressed that due to a small numbers
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