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Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Mar 16, 2016 2:00 pm

Press Release #1
Brocton Farms Racing
Village of Brocton, New York

Greetings fellow iRacers.

My name is James A. Ratliff, I am new to iRacing. Though I am new to iRacing my belief is you must have big dreams, I may be new at iRacing; but I have cut my teeth on of the great Sim Racing games of yesterday.

Today Brocton Farms Racing is proud to announce that in the Village of Brocton, New York, the creation of the Arm Chair Sim Racing -Rookie Team. My love of racing is a lifelong obsession of a fanatical fan of racing, road racing and endurance racing in particular; especially the old tracks such as the 17 mile long Nurburgring.

Arm Chair Sim Racing has been created to fulfill a lifelong dream of my own: turning a lap in the great 24 Hours of Mans at night down the long Mulsanne Straight flat out, pedal to the metal and Chicane-less of course.

This Rookie team has been created as a testing and learning team for those who -like myself- are new iRacing drivers and new to the iRacing Forum Community, as a Rookie driver and team Owner in the Mazda MX5 Cup Championship I know that I will have much to learn both as a driver and as a team manager.

I wish welcome Rookie Driver Angeliki Kypraiou to the team and to invite any Rookie who wishes to join my Team to email me and I will invite you. There are no requirements for joining other than a desire to perform at a high level in iRacing, this team will, therefore, be using the videos, couches and tools offered by the Virtual Racing School -like the new VRS's telemetry logger- to learn from each other and from some of the giants of Sim Racing.

As anyone even slightly interested in racing -simulated or real- knows it is a very expensive sport, it will be my top priority as Team Manager to first establish a rapport with established iRacing Teams willing to couch new drivers and managers. It will also be a priority to find and establish a source of income, hopefully through sponsorship from iRacing partners; but ACSR is exploring the creation of the 'Wild Bunch Paint Shop' using Trading Paint's Paint Builder..    

After careful consideration as Team Manager the decision has been made to -as a team- spend the next few weeks of the Mazda MX5 Cup Championship learning what it takes to win a Mazda Cup Championship. With that in mind I believe the team philosophy must be practice at least one hour or 20 good laps daily -20 laps being the new loggers baseline- since most races are 15 to 20 laps. Patient, yet aggressive driving; the key to achieving on a high level in any form of racing -even a simulate one- is fast smooth laps. Be consistent, smooth fast driving while hitting your marks consistently.

My way of learning is hands on, I learn best when I do something -hence I spend a lot of time in the seat; in my opinion there is no substitute for it. My personal goal as a Team Driver will be to practice at least one hour a day, I hope to race in at least 2 of the current VRS MX-5 Cup Series and have a 3.0 on promotion day. My belief is that in most situations pressuring the driver ahead is the easiest way around them, staying on their bumper and in their mirror will rattle most drivers into a mistake; so long as you don't punt them and simply trade a little paint here and there forcing a mistake is a freebie. The main goal for both myself and any ACSR teammate is to win Championships.

Thank You

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