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Post by Franklin Stone on Fri Feb 12, 2016 2:30 pm

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I want to apologize to the White House Press Report (WHPR) and in particular to Comrade James Schubert, a fellow Socialist, who asked me to write something about the Socialist Freedom Party Media. Basically, the WHPR is published by writers who got their start in the Socialist Freedom Party Media; that simple fact is the best example of the SFP Media's greatness. Early in my career I wanted very badly to write for the WHPR, the one time I was hired -by the 'Old Man'; I was promptly fired by REDACTED. Since then I have written a piece here and there, but the WHPR is a Meta Government Newspaper; which is tightly controlled by them.

Over on the eUSA Forums in the 'Meta Congress' Sub Forums, there is a Sub Forum entitled The Executive Branch and contained there is the Daily Press Briefing by SColbert, you be the judge on whether that is a Press Briefing or simply a lame stand up routine. However, IMHO; those briefings should contain much more real information on Government Affairs, allow for questions from the Press and have much less on whether or not SColbert is raising a pint or two or four. These DPBs should also be the only place where the 'Meta Government' has any control over what is published in the WHPR, IMHO the WHPR should be a Congressional Watch Dog; not a Congressional Lap Dog.

Currently in Public Congressional Proceedings a [DISCUSSION] Blacklisting Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, where indisputable evidence was presented to Congress that Mr. Arundel fought against the installation of the Defensive Dictator. So I once again encourage every citizen to read that thread and these: [Proposal]Remove Pfeiffer's Censure, [Proposal] Blacklist Henery Pfeiffer Arundel, [Vote] Blacklisitng Henery Pfeiffer Arundel . Now I was happy with the Moderation of that Discussion thread by SoH DMJohnston, one I actually had no right to even start -as I am not a sitting Congress Member- up to a point; here to be exact. What ensued after that was Moderated and placed here, IMHO Syrup mouths off a bit, Tom Cauchon says nothing and then two where Mr Arundel is his usual self are pretty tame, then there is my response to Mr Arundel. Make of it what you will, but IMHO opinion Mr Arundel has been allowed to flip off America and rebuttal was denied.

The proof of Mr Arundel's treason was given to me by another American Citizen who if he wishes may identify himself, but what happened was he was banned from the eUSA Forums. This is the kind of information the WHPR should be providing to American readers, this is rule by a Tyrannical Congressional Majority that exist only on the eUSA Forums in their 'Meta Government'; an outside government who controls the collection of and the use of a 25% tax rate. If eRepublik is to servive America can no longer accept tyrannical rule form outside the game, America must find a way to run the government from inside the game of eRepublik.

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Why should I join the Socialist Freedom Party? That is the question I am most asked. My usual answer is because we have the most active, smartest and involved citizens who are active on the National level; Americans who believe in strength of character and honesty in Public Affairs. Three of the Top 5 parties in America almost unflinchingly support a Congress that has neither of those qualities, those 3 parties might as well be one in their thought and actions; IMHO they are all in favor of 'the status quo'. The Black Sheep Party (TBSP) is what some would call an Independent Bull Moose type of party; you never know where they will graze next on issues facing America.

Then there is my party the Socialist Freedom Party. Many in this game try to tag the SFP with the real world concept of a Socialism, they dismiss this concept with claims that it can not be implemented; the SFP defines it as Social Programs that benefit all American Citizen Soldiers and not just a select faction of 'Commune Owners'. They dismiss the SFPs belief in such programs; all while doing exactly that with their 'Meta Government Communes'. It is in fact the way that most American Private Military Units (PMU) were built, just ask the founders and builders of such units as Easy Company (EZC) and War, Inc; both staunch defenders of America on their own dime. What the SFP believes in is not new to this game, it has been in use by the 'Meta Government' now for over 2 years; the SFP simply wish to adapt a proven method to enrichen the whole of America not just a select faction -these are the types of Socialist Programs I will support.

One such adaption I would support would be the retooling of such programs as the Military Fitness Academy (MFA), Build a Bear (BaB) and the 'Meta Government's' own Department of Defense Strength Enhancement Program (DoDSEP); all of which aid new citizens in upgrading their Training Centers. My support within my party will go to the creation of a Department of Urban Renewal (DUR), this department would be dedicated to helping Graduates of MFA, BaB and DoDSEP to buy and upgrade Companies, with the aim being to help them feed and arm themselves; however for that to be feasible taxes must come down to a rate of 10% to 12%, with that in mind the SFP -as always- will work to lower taxes.

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Recently the SFP has seen a decline in membership, now I see nothing dire in this fluctuation in numbers; my guess is because no one is 'Multi Hunting' like my Comrade Wooky Jack did for the SFP during our climb to Top Tier Party eRepublik has again seen the rise of a party everyone here knows is controlled by one citizen whale. Congress has allowed a known traitor to fight against Congress not once, but five times using the excuse that 'my bot did it'; they stopped accepting the 'someone else did it' excuse in kindergarten. Everyone who has played this game for any length of time knows that the USWP for some unknown reason is the most influential party in 'Meta Congress' and everyone knows who controls that party, the Federalist and the We The People party -despite their name- all support the status quo and might as well be one party full of Multi accounts. The Black Sheep Party is an unknown, grazing here and there looking for that every greener pasture; they seem to have no Shepard to guide them in a constructive direction. The Socialist Freedom Party has the most active members, many of them serving the 'Meta Government' and America on a National Level in all sectors of government, the SFP supports Social Programs that benefit ALL Americans; not just a select few who reign over our Homeland through a Tyrannical Congressional Majority on a forum OUTSIDE eRepublik.

So I am going to say it again, until Congress is REMOVED from the eUSA Forums and hosted somewhere else -I would suggest working with Admin to find a way to use the eRepublik Forums for ALL in game governments- we will continue to suffer from a 25% Work Tax and irresponsible Congress Members, others will be Blacklisted for infractions of Laws that those Blacklisting them have themselves broken; blaming it on a 'Bot' they themselves had to setup to Auto Fight. America MUST find a way to have a Congress in game, starting with the over throwing of the Defensive Dictator which currently denies Congress Members the ability to propose and vote on IN GAME Laws; the DD has to go either Democratically or by Armed Revolt because it is painfully obvious that the 'Meta Congress' cares nothing about America.

Join the Revolution, get out and vote!
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