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Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, Traitor Extraordinaire

So once again we have assumed the fetal position behind the Defensive Dictatorship. Just a couple of months back the 'Congressional Majority' Blacklisted 24 American citizens for fighting against the Dictator, Congress even has a Law to punish those who do so; Punishment for Opposing Congress in Battle. In my last article I accused Henry Pfeiffer Arundel of being a traitor of the highest order, he defected to the enemy; he then fought against American Troops and their Allies in core regions. To say the least he stayed true to himself, the following list is where and when Mr Arundel fought against the Defensive Dictator: Battle 7 Stats, Battle 8 Stats, Battle 9 Stats, Battle 10 Stats, Battle 11 Stats.

'Any eUS Congressman against whom evidence can be brought showing his/her fighting for Revolution (i.e. against the authorized Dictatorship) except as approved by Congress will be auto-censured....'

First let us take a look at the wording of the above 'Congress Law', the one meant to punish anyone who fights to remain free; rather than under the totalitarian rule of a 'Congressional Majority' who cares nothing about American Citizen Soldiers. As can be seen above any citizen who can manage to get approval from Congress may fight against the Defensive Dictator, all it takes is getting your Congressional Cronies to vote in favor of you fighting against the Dictator and your're good to go. Now the advice I have received is that I should take this to Congress, problem is I am not in Congress this term and therefore my post would have to be approved first; raise your hand if you think it would never receive that approval -besides he would simply claim he had permission from Congress.

IMHO due to his past defection, because he fought against American Troops previously and has done so again; each Battle in which he fought should earn him a one month Censure for each offense. He should be placed on the Blacklist for one month after he serves the five month Censure, only after he has served out this six month punishment should Congress consider lifting the Blacklist. In order to make it clear, a Censure from Congress would included any Advisory position that would allow him Congressional access; it would include him not serving in ANY Government job.

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Join the Revolution, get out and vote!
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FIGHTING AGAINST Empty [PROPOSAL] Blacklist Mr Arundel

Post by Franklin Stone on Tue Feb 09, 2016 7:39 am

[DISCUSSION] Blacklisting Henery Pfeiffer Arundel

The evidence against Mr Arundel for violation of Punishment for Opposing Congress in Battle:
Battle 7 Battle Stats Pfeiffer
Round 7 Battle screen Pfeiffer
Battle 8 Battle Stats Pfeiffer
Round 8 Battle screen Pfeiffer
Battle 9 Battle Stats Pfeiffer
Battle 10 Battle Stats Pfeiffer
Battle 11 Battle Stats Pfeiffer
Round 11 Battle screen Pfeiffer

Mr Arundel should be Blacklisted for fighting against American Troops and at a minimum Mr Arundel should serve a 5 month Blacklist before any apology is even considered, said apology must be sincere and in public in game and in his Newspaper.

Franklin Stone
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