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Post by Comrade Frank on Sun Dec 27, 2015 3:26 pm

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Most American citizen who have been playing this game as long as I have know that I grew up in Oklahoma City, OK...GO THUNDER! If you are or were a member you might have also know I grew up next door to a girl named Jane Ann Woodard; we grew up together from poop filled diapers till Junior High School (Middle School now).

My family was an upper poor/lower middle class and I was a hoodlum going to school with the upper middle/wealthy class Socialite Debutantes in 1960 America. My family was just wealthy enough to afford a house next door to one of those Debutantes, who at 12 became the only child of a single mom; the night he left -New Years Eve- we lay on her roof holding hands as she explained constellations. She never cried, but we became inseparable; until the eighth grade when she first met Mr Quarterback.

Back in the day every male had to sign up for the draft, back then my neighborhood was filled with young bucks rich enough to afford some of the fastest cars in the city; all of whom knew that they would be drafted to fight in Dominican Civil War (4/24 - 9/3/1964, the last of .

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