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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Oct 29, 2015 10:10 am

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Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to play your game and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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[PotUS] Day Five

Some weeks back I took part in a small, yet satisfying little Adventure in Thailand. We coordinate a revenge attack for their disrespect to American on September 11, 2014. Somehow we came into possession of a Thai Military Unit; which was used to start a Revolution against a Dictatorship and overthrew the Thai Dictator. Now I am going to admit that I did it for revenge, I will also admit to having nothing against the Thai People; what I sought revenge for was their government's ill advised use of a real world tragedy to basically troll America and to cap it off they did both very poorly.

Now for some Americans it was a blast, we stuck it to the Thai Government and PilotPhil got a Liberator Medal. However the meta government who lives by the Wild Owl Doctrine was screaming 'don't rock the boat', you're a traitor if you do; so that for most Americans -who were afraid to move- it was just another day of boredom and apathy and pushing the red button for the man -just another day of paying the 15% WAM Tax to enrich the Tyrannical Majority. In the end Thailand attacked the USA and the meta government -amid threats of Congressional expulsion for those who fought against the Revolution- laid back and took it, cowering behind their 10 day shield they waited; got trolled and then reinstalled the Defensive Dictatorship; where they once again assumed the fetal position.

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Over the last several days many citizens such as ResouIa in his article Hypocrisy have accused the SFP of being sell outs, we have been accused of supporting lower taxes and then suddenly reversing our stance; yet I and many other members of the SFP still support lowering taxes to 12%. Recently the USA elected Wild Owl to another term as Dictator, a citizen who became the First Dictator of the USA. Over his tenure as Dictator and with the support from the Dioist Lobby and their control of meta congress; he was able to negotiate a Foreign Policy of Appeasement. So far he seems to be in support of controlled spending in order bring the Defensive Reserve up to a specific amount, an amount that has not yet been revealed even in Private Congress; controlled spending and a 12% tax IMHO is a reasonable approach to lowering taxes.

One important item Resoula left out is the fact that the Black Sheep supported lowering taxes to somewhere between 8% and 10%, while the SFP supported wise spending of American Tax Revenue and lowering the tax rate to a reasonable rate of 12%; a rate at which -in the current environment of low or non spending on controlled wars- would allow an increase to the Budget Line to the Defensive Reserve and is a prudent and acceptable proposal. However, until the present amount is revealed to Congress and a firm target amount is set I will continue to support wise spending and a lowering of taxes to 12%; for me the fact that the BSP has as one of its members one Kemal Ergenekon who is one of the biggest Dioist proponents of the 15% tax rate and is a supporter of MAX TAXES. Now IMHO that is 'selling out to the man' in order to remain in the T5; it would also seem to indicate a major shift in BSP policy to one of raising taxes.

The Socialist Freedom Party stands for and has always stood for reasonable taxation coupled with reasonable expenditures towards community building programs, programs such as Bank Up 2 Strength Up created by the Sheep's own Arrden; a program which provides new and growing American Citizens with gold for upgrading Training Centers and to help them maintain a 90% Training Contract -good for both the citizen and America and one I would fully support. However, it has grown to a point where it now needs Tax Revenue funding, which is being sought and is something I would support; but something that would require a tax increase or a Budget Line decrease in some other area. Currently I believe Congress should freeze the Tax Rate at 15%, cease all meaningless wars such as the North Korean money sink and the Indonesian adventure; they should also freeze all current Budget Lines until a Defensive Reserve Target has been set and met. During that period America must take an open and transparent look at every program being funded with Tax Revenue from the DoCA right down to the Unites States Armed Forces who has been under renovations for months with no visible results.

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'There's Jude campaigning the SFP into the top 5 on a populist platform of lowering taxes only to act differently once in power.' ~Paul Proteus, Defying Logic

Then there Paul Proteus and his article [GBM] Defying Logic in which he claims not to be indicting the entirety of the SFP, then proceeds to claim the leaders of the SFP have lied to get ourselves into the Top Tier of parties. What he leaves out is the fact that Jude has always been and as far as I know remains a supporter of wise taxation and wise spending. The SFP is caught between two groups, those who wish to lower taxes to an unreasonable tax rate of somewhere between 8% to 10% and the 'MAX TAXES' group who wish a 25% tax rate. The SFP has always support lowering taxes to 12%, we have always supported that if it is to remain a 15% that it be used to fund programs such as the ones ran by the Department of Citizen Affairs

'There's Wooky Jack complaining of the duplicity of the Federalist Party while messaging former members with the hope of manufacturing controversy.' ~Paul Proteus, Defying Logic

His accusation against Comrade Wooky Jack is that, while complaining of the duplicity of the Federalist Party; he was messaging ex-Federalist and rocking the proverbial boat to 'manufacture controversy' to aid recruitment for the SFP. Just so everyone knows where I stand, I wanted WJ to message the entirety of the Federalist Party -along with every other party- in order to poach as many members as possible; IMHO one of the biggest most important jobs of a party has is to destroy any other party. Barring the ability to destroy a party, such as UNITY did to the American Freedom Alliance (AFA); then messaging ex members is the next best approach. Something Paul doesn't mention is the SFP Multi Hunt, this program is also run by Wooky Jack and has been a huge success; the proof of that is plain to see in the Party Rankings and is what Paul is upset over.

'More recent reversals by members of the SFP may have appeared as an act of treachery to many in the BSP, caused perhaps by their relative newness to politics or expectation of honest dealings, but to those of us who have played this game for years, the more common reaction is amused apathy.' ~Paul Proteus, Defying Logic

SFP is not a Contradiction

[WHPR] New President, New Stuff, WAR

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