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Post by Comrade Frank on Sun Oct 25, 2015 5:37 pm

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Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to play your game and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

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Thank you, America for sending 13 Socialist Freedom Party members back to Congress. Thank you, Comrade Citizens for sending me back to Congress after having embarrassed myself by revealing the Top Secret amount of Country Currency (CC) the 'meta government' believed it would need to conduct a Combat Order (CO) fueled War against an enemy who bordered Maine -a core region. It would seem that the most powerful countries in eRepublik also have some very intelligent military leaders, seems our mortal enemy Serbia is doing alright -with a 1% WAM and a 99% Import Tax across the board- and America seems to be afraid of them. It would seem that their leaders would know the cost of running a war, now the 'meta government' would have you believe that the Serbian Military leaders are stupid and can not do Common Core Math; so raise you hand if you believe that the amount need to conducted a war in Maine was really all that secret or was it just another tool the Dioist Congressional Lobby uses against their political enemies.

Late yesterday AMP Councillor Israel Stevens released a well thought out and informative article concerning Congressional Sign in and Voting entitled Can the Sheep and the Socialists Keep Their Promise? Israel has presented a solid analysis of the Common Core Math of Congressional voting, after all Congress is simply about the numbers, yes? Up to that point I agree -more or less- with him, the BSP is certainly in favor of lowering taxes; as is the SFP. He then ask if the BSP and the SFP can keep the promise of lowering taxes, presenting evidence of some vague trash talking promise made by the BSP of being able to do so by a certain date; then through inference he decides the SFP will blindly follow the Herd and so has also decided the SFP has made that same promise.  In the end the entire article seemed as though the AMP were making some vague threat that Lower Taxes would never happen because the FEDS and USWP will vote as one and any WTP members voting their way will simply be icing on the cake of 'majority rule' by tyrants from a long dead and gone era of eRepublik.

Yes the SFP stands for Lowering Taxes to a 10% - 12% level, yes we have promised to support any reasonable tax reduction; in the event that is not a reachable goal then the SFP will stand in favor of wise Taxing and Spending if the WAM is to remain at 15%. Some members have suggested we follow our enemy Serbia in lowering WAM to 1% and raising the Import Tax to 99%, seems to be working nicely for them; I mean the 'outside meta government' is damn sure afraid of them or no? What good is it to sit on a REDACTED National Reserve in case of attack? If I remember right Thailand had 10 days in which they could have had their way with America, hell we were going to lay down and take it up the arse; not even Serbia would join them -our most feared enemy sat it out. The 'meta government' run on an outside forum currently controls the purse strings, the 'outside meta government' now sits on a Reserve of REDACTED ostensibly to be used for National Defense of America's Core Regions and for misadventures in our 'Sphere of Influence' -don't get me stated of that quagmire, a REDACTED reserve held in private citizen accounts is administrated by the Select Committee on Intelligence (SCI); a committee hand picked by the Dictator who is selected by the 'majority tyrants' OUTSIDE eRepublik.

Israel believes that the BSP and SFP will vote as bloc to lower taxes, under certain circumstances I would agree with him; one such scenario would be if a compromise can be reached concerning a reasonable tax reduction proposal were presented. Another case scenario would be if a proposal to remove the Defensive Dictator went to a vote, IMHO every member of both parties would unanimously vote in favor of its removal; another would be moving Congress off the eUSA Forums. So my challenge to Israel is to find one SFP member who I told, 'You need/should vote this/that way on this/that issue.' At the top of every article it is made clear that as an American Citizen Soldier, as a member of the SFP and as a believer in the 'Golden Wheelbarrow' -to which Butch the Katt objects, for he believes in the eternally full 'Golden Katt Bowl'; my opinion is that you should THINK FOR YOURSELF. My articles and forum post present my view of the landscape of American Politics, my opinion on the Foreign Affairs of appeasement headed by Wild Owl; my articles link citizens to threads and other articles that where used in forming this opinion of mine. Like the horse my opinion can lead citizens to the water of knowledge, again like the horse a citizen can not be forced to drink of that knowledge; personally I do not wish to force any citizen to drink -what I want is for citizens to get involved with their Government and drink of their on free will and to form their own opinion.

I promise you this much, both the Federalist and the United States Workers Party want you to simply sip the Kool-Aide and 'Remain Calm'.

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Join the Revolution and get involved with your government.

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Smoke 'em if you got 'em...
...it's 4:20 somewhere.

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Post by Comrade Frank on Mon Oct 26, 2015 3:01 pm

The place to start is America's Economy Page under My Country. Next we will go to the eUSA Forums and open the Congressional Budget Office, where we can find the US Government Budget August 2015 . For convenience and transparency I will place it here since it appears in a open non secret thread.

I. Executive
Line U1. MPP Costs: $60,000
II. Defense
Line U2. Armed Forces: $80,000
Line U3. Arm America: $25,000
III. Interior
Line U4. Dept. of Citizen Affairs $25,000
IV. Treasury
Line U5. Reserve Remaining

TOTAL: $190,000

Now just a quick look at the Budget and some Basic Core Math and we find out that currently America has 25,000 CC weekly -not monthly, weekly- going into the National Reserve. Taking into consideration that almost every company selling products on the America Market are owned by the National and Private Military Units of America, we can safely assume that without taking into consideration the income from Foreign Conquests that America takes in approximately 190,000 CC per week; not monthly per week we take in 190,000 CC -approximately. Now lets take the figure of approximately 100,000 CC per month going into our National Reserve and multiply it by 12, which gives us approximately 1,200,000 CC over the last year; a surprisingly small amount. Now the 'meta governments' econ guru Kemal Ergenekon set an approximate amount of 20,000,000 CC as a Reserve Target, so lets divide that figure by the 1,200,000 CC Deposit America makes yearly. What we get is that it will take 16.67 years to reach that Reserve Amount.
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