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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Sep 24, 2015 7:36 pm

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Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for anyone except myself; I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, I speak only as an insignificant but loyal American; I speak only as an American who believes in America First. As always I encourage each and everyone of you to get involved, but always remember to play your game and THINK FOR YOURSELF.

Coming to America ~Neil Diamond

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First I wish to thank America for turning out and voting, no matter who you voted for I promise your vote mattered.

The Socialist Freedom Party wishes to thank all of you who spoke up and helped elected us to 15 seats in Congress. This is an historic moment not only for the SFP; but for America as a whole. America has spoken an told those in power that America is tired of the same politics behind locked doors and wishes to have open and honest Government. As I have said many times I wish to see all Citizen help programs in game and although I believe both programs are good ones, my personal hope is to bring Arm America and Meals on Wheels to all American Citizens who are Division 1 and Division 2, my aim will be to create a National Strength Training Program by combining AA, MoW and DoD Strength Enhancement Program into one program that serves all Americans. Hopefully Congress will also revive the [DOI] BU2SU Update! NEW Social Security Program for Division 3 and Division 4 Citizens. Currently the government collects 15% in taxes and my wish is to return those taxes to American Citizens through such programs as the in game help program Bank Up 2 Strength Up receive a Budget Line and for the in game programs run by Department of Citizen Affairs to continue receiving funding, maybe even a raise in funding.

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Join the Revolution and get involved with your government.

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and interact with our Community of Activist.
Join the People's military the Bear Cavalry and fight for freedom around the World.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...
...it's 4:20 somewhere.

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