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Post by Comrade Frank on Sat Sep 19, 2015 4:38 pm

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Comrade Franklin Stone
Editor, The Tin Hat

Currently in Public Congressional Proceedings there is two threads discussing citizenship in America. One of them is [Discussion] Thedillpickl on the IES Approved list concerning an expatiate who wishes to return home. Now Thedillpickl is after a fashion a friend of mine, I know him to be a good guy and personally witnessed what happened when he immigrated to Switzerland; what I will say is that he like most of America just simply got tired of the cluster bump that is the eUSA Forum 'meta government'. There has even been a [Discussion] Removal of Beach Bunny from IES Staff opened against a former President who is now an IES Agent, who on the word of our current President Aramec had placed Dill on the accepted list, before then placing him a Hold Status; where his application expired.

There have been many accusations bandied around, but it is that he ended up in Canada, where after the 'USA meta government' had agreed to a Training War decided that for revenge and the plain old lulz of it decided to go ahead a wipe Canada. It was at this time I joined the Canadians In America (CIA) Military Unit (MU) and though that unit pounded the dog biscuits out of the United States Armed Forces (USAF), I simply sat back and laughed; they were no good even back then. The one accusation that is being aimed at him the most is that while he was Canadian, during that war he fought against the USAF; as a citizen of his adopted country he fought to defend it after the 'USA meta government' broke their word. He is therefore considered by the 'meta government' to be a threat to America, to which I say; 'He is no more of a threat then Henry Pfeiffer Arundel, who did the same thing ([VOTE] Censure and Blacklist Pfeiffer) when he defected to the United Kingdom (UK) and fought against the USAF.' -the only difference being Pfeiffer did it straight out of the White House for personal gain.

Once again I encourage American Citizens to read those threads and decided for yourselves. There are many long time American Citizens who know what happened back then, just as there are many who know what happened behind the locked doors of 'Private Congress' and the 'back channels' where Pfeiffer sneaked back to the USA. I encourage American Citizens to search around the 'USA Forum' for threads to read and form your own opinion. Once more I encourage citizens to get involved in your government, ask questions in General eRepublik Discussion; join in conversations in Public Congressional Proceedings If you, like me, are tired of a 'meta government' that makes promises they can't or won't keep then join the Revolution and get involved. Help bring Democratic change to America.
Comrade Frank
Comrade Frank

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