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Discussion- Congressional Delegation For Resolution of the JCS/USAF Conflict

Discussion: Amending Section IV of the eUS Constitution,31585.msg549531.html#msg549531,31585.msg549778.html#msg549778

'You fought for the enemy against American Interest in a core region and yet you feel you don't owe Congress , if not all of America, and explanation?
I support censure from Congress and all Congressional Committees and Blacklisting, until such a time as he offers not only an explanation but restitution for any and all cost America incurred in defense of an American core region.'

'The eUS Mil has repeatedly shown itself to be unreliable and in many case its members actively fight against the eUS and its allies, some even bragging about it on their feeds. You might be sheltered from this, but it happens, and it's frustrating as hell. I like Largo, don't think this is a statement about Largo, but his fighters have no loyalty to this country. If you're asking that we make USAF more like this, fuck off.'

First I must say that if the eUS Soldiers fight against America or our allies, then they should be viewed with suspicion; there are ways to express opposition to the government without fighting against America. Fighting against America or one of our allies is unacceptable and should be punished with dismissal from the MU, now the argument will be made for soldiers who are 'Tanks' that their damage out ways the 'disloyalty' of fighting against America; uh...they already do.

I mentioned the eUS Military simply because they are a Top 5 military unit and they are private, while I agree that they are undisciplined and disorganized they were once funded by the government and highly valued as such; are they a good example of a PMU? Hell, no. A PMU also in the Top 5 is SHIELD and one IMO that is a good example of a young PMU, similar in many ways to Easy Company they try hard to emulate the best; although they -like Easy Company- would not take it I would love to see them get funding .

'ST6 isn't what it used to be and is losing long-time members to other MU's or simply quitting, and if you talked to some of them you'd learn that it's not all green grass and sunshine over there. EZC is an exception and an oddity, not the rule. I love EZC, but it has been tried and we cannot spread EZC's ways--other communities just don't work the same way.'

Seal Team 6 is also an old PMU in the Top 5 that has seen better days, they were also at one time funded by the government; beside where is it ever green grass and sunshine anywhere? It is time America begin to consider the units in the Top 5, maybe USAF's line budget needs to be used to drive the disloyal units out of the Top 5; much like parties are used to drive out disloyal parties -after all it is loyalty that is the key component to what makes Easy Company work. Maybe these units are past their prime, pretty sure with some support ST6 could be brought back from the brink; after all it is the strength of all the Top 5 units that makes America strong.

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The Airborne was officially formed on May 25, 2009, Day 549 of the New World. At its head then was General Leroy Combs. Combs and his second in command, Armandez, originally started the Airborne's forces with two platoons: the 82nd and 101st Airborne Battalions. As a middle ground between the medium strength requirements of the United States Army and the high needs of the United States Marine Corps, the Airborne quickly gained members. Control of the AB moved to former 101st colonel, Joshua Hoss, on June 24, 2009, when Leroy Combs retired from the AB and transferred to the USMC. Hoss would later leave the military to attempt a run at the American presidency. Maxmillian VonWillebrand, who was the original colonel of the other division, the 82nd Airborne, would then take command of the AB.

eUS Military MU 4       Damage 7.019.619.667
US Marines MU 6        Damage  3.507.630.948
US Army MU 17          Damage    269.211.522
National Guard MU 38  Damage      73.964.626
US Training Corps 56   Damage      33.944.673
Mobile Infantry MU 97  Damage       4.351.692

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