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Post by Comrade Frank on Sat Sep 12, 2015 10:44 pm

Recently I wrote a piece on a five-point outline for revolutionary change. Since then I've been asked to expand upon each point, to provide clearer reasons for and prospective effects of each individual point.

The first of the five points is also one of the more clear points:

1. Do Not Vote for Counterrevolutionary Parties

This first point has one primary reason function, which is starving the bourgeois political apparatus of bodies to throw around at their bidding. Make no mistake! As far as the bourgeoisie is concerned you are a number and a producer of numbers, as necessary a part of their machine as they are, loath though they may be to admit it. Without you, they are nothing. Without them, we are victorious.

A corollary of this is that along with depriving the bourgeoisie of your votes, you must deprive them of you. Flee their parties, shrink their number, reduce their presence in the Congress and hurt their chances of maintaining the Presidency Dictator(ship). As stated previously, they are interested in using you to prop their Parties up and inflate their own perceived importance.

The effects must be far-reaching and devastating for the bourgeoisie. If their Parties shrink, they will lose Congress representation. Without Congressmen, there will be little and less they can do to stay the march of progress, to oppose the people's will. With a majority in Congress, the revolution would be able to begin construction of a workers' state here in the eUSA.

Thus, despite being the first and most simple step, step one is also the most important. Without it, the next four would serve only to grind the country to a halt. We do not seek to stop, we must seek to move forward!
Comrade Frank
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