[TTH] Revenge is best when served cold...

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[TTH] Revenge is best when served cold... Empty [TTH] Revenge is best when served cold...

Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Sep 02, 2015 9:04 am

One ~Metallica

[TTH] Revenge is best when served cold... ABomb%20A_zpsejvdpir0

Gooooood Morning, Thailand!

Wake the F--K up! America is here to stick it to you MotherF--kers! At around 0800 hours eRepublik time the Bear Cavalry exploded a 20 Mega Ton Nuclear device in Kota Kinabalu, followed closely by the insertion of BCs Blackwater Shock Troops of the 4th Regiment. Last year you pri--s decided to Air Strike (AS) America on a National Day of Mourning, on a day when in the Real World America was attack by real life terrorist and 2000+ real life American's died. Today it is time to pay the Piper and the Bear Cavalry is here to collect.

[TTH] Revenge is best when served cold... Swift%20Kick_zpszeltaieb

To the 'eUSA Forum meta government' leaders. It is Bear Cavalry's hope that this swift kick to the berries will help you f--kers grow a pair. It is time you stopped thinking of only yourselves and start thinking of the Citizen Soldiers of this Nation. America has been waiting a FN year for you to seek revenge, now we have taken the matter into our own hands and delivered the first blow.

Join the fight America! Help BC exact revenge!

[TTH] Revenge is best when served cold... Black%20Water%20Rising%20Sun_zpsurnippyd

America! By Grabthar's hammer, by the suns of Worvan, you shall be avenged!
Strength & Honor!

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and have your say without being trolled.
Join the Bear Cavalry and volunteer to fight for freedom across the World.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em...
...it's 4:20 somewhere.

[TTH] Revenge is best when served cold... CHStoneReborn%20Small_zpsgjz9dfj7
Comrade Franklin Stone
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Bear Cavalry, 1st Regiment, 'The Black Hand'
Committee of Correspondence
Socialist Freedom Party
C'est la vie, mon chéri....

[TTH] Revenge is best when served cold... Phoenix%20A%20Med_zpstv0nfkeg
Comrade Frank
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