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Post by Comrade Frank on Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:08 pm

I wish to take the opportunity to publicly apologize to the Commander of the Private Military Unit (PMU) Easy Company Militia and IES Director DeepChill. While directing my ire at the 'eUSA Forum meta government' for failing to update a Document I feel is essential to America, I wrote in such a manner that it seemed as though I was after DeepChill personally; nothing could be further from the truth. I have great respect for DeepChill, DC has stood at my side many times when others wanted my head; being apolitical DC makes the perfect IES Director.

You may ask why I feel this document is essential to America? First it leaves a very bad and unorganized impression of America on immigrates who wish to come here. Second it does not allow for input from American Citizens concerning the immigration of citizens, either good or bad. Maybe a citizen knows the citizen applying for Citizenship is a known scammer or a known Multi Farmer or maybe they know the citizen in question is neither. If this document can not be recovered and a new one must be created, like the Congressional History already lost; oops...all of America's immigration History will be lost in transferring to the new document.

IMO the 'eUSA meta government' has failed on its promises of helping citizens, has failed in protecting our shores with a National Military Unit (NMU) which in essence is asking to do exactly what the Black Sheep Party and the VNM-214 PMU were accused of doing; to be allowed to walk away with Tax Funded Government Infrastructure -as soon as they are self sufficient. It is also my opinion that they are failing to take immigration seriously and may at this very moment be driving away Citizen Soldiers who are members of the many PMUs that defend America out of Loyalty.
Comrade Frank
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