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Post by Comrade Frank on Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:57 am

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Before we begin I wish to state here and now that I DO NOT speak for Easy Company Militia, nor I suppose do I speak for the Majority of the We The People Leadership; but what both these communities have in common is the freedom for citizens to express themselves. I speak only as a 'pop gun' America Soldier of no consequence, as a soldier of Easy Company and as a member of We The People; I speak as a loyal American and as someone who believes in America First.

[TTH] Some Things need saying... DMJohnston_zpsae246bfe

'Franklin has supported the concept of a “Military Fitness Academy” as he calls it. From what I can glean from his generally nonspecific prose, this academy would teach new players how to play the game and provide supplies and gold for upgrades and fighting. I think we can all agree it’s not a bad idea. If only someone had thought of this before now.

But wait...it sounds eerily familiar. Maybe that’s because it’s been around in something called USAF Flight Training since Synesi created it over two years ago. I won’t even mention the Boot Camp program that was its predecessor and operated in a similar capacity. With the recent addition of the USAF’s DoD Strength Enhancement Program which provides low level soldiers with gold for training ground upgrades nearly 4 months ago, it seems like the program that Franklin wants to remove USAF’s funding to run is already running as part of the USAF!'

Yes, I do support a program to train citizens and soldiers and no it is not a new idea. As I have mentioned (and dmjohnston has ignored) the Feds have SHIELD and their 'HAMMER' divison, Easy Company Militia has the 'Military Fitness Program' and the USAF has 'Flight Training' and their new 'Strength Enhancement Program '. Also as I have stated the actual cost of running such a program for new citizens is unknown to me, maybe our government and the USAF would inform America of those cost.

Late last night in Alexander_Auctoritas newspaper the [USAF] Media Corps released their supply logistic demands. All these figures are calculated on market pricing when they were worked up, ofc the market will fluctuate and pricing will vary slightly; so lets look at what it cost America to send citizens through Flight Training.

3.5 gold * 195.50 = 684.25
Total cost for one 'Normal' D1 or one 'Low Level' D2 soldier per week 1295.77.

3.5 gold * 195.50 = 684.25
Total cost for one 'Strong' D2 per week 2213.50

So the cost for one soldier (3 soldiers total) in each 'tier' for one week is 4805.07

It would seem for a new citizen who works a military commune and doesn't fight everyday the cost would be approximately 2 gold (402.00 cc) every 7 days in salary, and 1.40 cc (.04 for Q1 2 uses @ 10 per use wellness) for 50 wellness per day for 7 days (that is .20 cc per day) that would be 403.40 cc per week. That is 1.40 cc for 50 wellness (work and train in all 4 Q4 facilities) per day per week, 2 gold for working in a commune (current job market salary is 43.00 cc per day) and we have a soldiers one week food and training cost of 403.40 per soldier every 7 days.

So, we have a cost on average of 1601.69 per soldier per week for Flight Training and 403.40 per soldier per week using a National Military Training Academy, so America could save on average 1198.29 per soldier per week; a savings on average of 4793.16 per month. Currently America is advising citizens 'low level, high strength' to encourage D1 and low level D2 soldiers to fight only when called upon for critical battles.

My question now is, 'Why is the USAF encouraging their soldiers to fight every day?'

'Franklin has outright accused the USAF of accepting our weekly operational budget as “a bribe for [our] loyalty.” He seems to ignore the fact that the President of the eUnited States spends every day as the literal in-game commander of the USAF unit, controlling, alongside the Secretary of Defense and USAF Operations Commander, the orders of the eUS’s official fighting force. As a former President, I can say with 100% certainty that a national military does make a difference in foreign affairs in eRepublik. The ability to directly control large portions of national damage is a great and powerful thing that can not be replaced through so-called “bribes” or agreements.'

PMUs are loyal to America -the leaders of which help make up the National Security Council- without a Budget Line or Presidential Orders, yet several times you have stated that PMUs are not trustworthy; that America needs a trustworthy Government Military Unit (GMU) commanded by the President. America's Top 5 are a team and our government should be encouraging and aiding all of them; doesn't have to be CC just simply stop belittling them at the drop of a hat.  Easy Company Militia and the USAF make up a huge portion of America's Military, yet you seem to think that as a PMU soldier I am not trustworthy; to which I take offense -not only for myself but my PMU as a whole.  You have stated we as a PMU can not be relied on when the call comes; Easy put the challenge out to it's members to overcome USAF's lead and Easy Company soldiers met that call.  You seem to be saying PMUs who take no funding are untrustworthy and only those who take funding are trustworthy, Easy Company soldiers do our thing out of loyalty and honor; while the USAF receives 125,000 cc a week and swears it's allegiance to the President not America for the same thing.

A rose by any other name....

[TTH] Some Things need saying... CanadaLeaf_zps7147dcdb

'Franklin has stated that he “sees the Military as a check against the Executive getting America involved in useless wars.” By it’s very nature, the USAF responds directly to the command of the President and his National Security Council. This reliability when called is why the USAF was created in the wake of the schism between JCS-led military and the eUS government. When a military body seeks to set its own foreign policy, it can not be considered an arm of the government’s force.

Fighting against Canada had a very good reason: They opened up another border for Serbia and welcomed our greatest enemy in. Now they're fending off Serb PTOers and nobody talks about their MPP. The campaign originally did have to happen, but we did not need to drag it on as long as we did. Canada has a history of completely fucking retarded FA and inability to keep its word, and both sides made errors of judgement, so that whole thing became a mess.'

Sadly I must agree that in the beginning the Canadian War was necessary to defend America from a Serbian threat -one that still exist, it drug on because of a faction in the government then in charge who made some 'errors in judgement' and wanted to punish not only Canada; but an exiled American as well who was President of Canada at the time and well -you know....

The Canadian War stopped only when most PMUs ignored 'Presidential Orders' and instead fought for our allies elsewhere, IMO that check already exist. That war taught me as a soldier that we needed much closer relations with our Canadian brothers, now America still faces a Serbian threat because of the ongoing Canadian PTO; doesn't matter they brought it on themselves -it threatens America also. Even now instead of enlisting him and another exiled American to aid Canada in ATO operations we stand back and sneer, 'It's FN ham, dude!'

Canada allying with Serbia has to be their biggest blunder in recent memory, so yes the campaign did have to take place; leaving a unprotected border open to Serbia was unthinkable. Allying with Serbia was short sighted and done for the same reasons the war drug on -'errors in judgement', so IMO they brought the Political Take Over citizens on themselves; sadly because of that America is still threatened by Serbia and her allies. Currently Canada is under a Serbian PTO, which threatens America now as much as it did when that war started; maybe we should consider a war of conquest to stop the Serbian threat -or better yet we could be a friend and aid them in their fight against a common enemy in Serbia.

The government at the behest of the President wishes to use the USAF as a Foreign Affairs tool to set Foreign Policy, so in essence the USAF is wanting to set Foreign Policy; which I believe you just stated was unacceptable in a military body and that they could no longer be considered an arm of the government's military and would not the units Commander in Chief be just a guilty?

Sometimes disobeying an order is the right and honorable thing to do.
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