[TTH] 15% Tax Rate & Congressional Elections

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[TTH] 15% Tax Rate & Congressional Elections

Post by Comrade Frank on Wed Aug 19, 2015 8:21 am

US Government Budget August 2015
Max Taxes
[Proposal] 15% Tax Rate
[Vote] 15% Tax Rate

The 'USA Forum meta government' -while sitting on a 20+ Million CC Reserve held in private citizen accounts- used the excuse that Americans wanted more war to push through a 93% raise in the Work As Manager (WAM) tax rate to 15%, the highest America has ever seen and they are at this minute screaming max taxes and laughing; long ago I learned that if someone says something to you that you don't like and they laugh it off -their expressing their true feelings. America lost that War -failing to land an Air Strike (AS) in Paraguay- the raised tax rate was suppose to cover, most of the CC authorized for it's execution being returned to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO); though I lay at least 50% of the blame for that loss at the door of the 'eUSA Forum meta government' I will simply ask, 'WTF, boys?'  

Until that tax rate was pushed through -15% Work Tax Congressional Voting Records- by the United States Workers Party (USWP), the We The People (WTP) party, the Federalist (FED) party and the American Military Party (AMP) America had an 8% tax rate which had drawn many foreign companies such as those run by Marcel the Great; who has decided to find a way to avoid the draconian rate of 15%. You can read his article Goodbye 15% Work Tax, Hello Serbia! to find out what America has lost, this has not only cost America Tax Revenue the 'eUSA Forum meta government' has driven that revenue into the hands of America's oldest enemy -Serbia, but I don't see this as a workable solution for the SFP Communes and certainly not for our members.

As can be seen on the Country Economy page America has 2,250 Gold, 312,031 CC on hand and average income of 120,000 CC daily or 840,000 CC per week and 3,360,000 CC per month. Of that amount 105,000 CC per week goes to the Department of Defense to run for 80,000 CC the United States Armed Forces (USAF) and 25,000 CC to run Arm America (AA), what America gets in return is a 3rd rate National Military Unit (NMU) and a seldomly open program used to arm Mercenary and 'eUSA Forum meta government' Tanks through Combat Orders (CO) in Divisions 3 and 4, while totally ignoring anyone Division 2 or lower. Subtracting these cost and the 25,000 CC allocated to the Department of Citizen Affairs we can see that 2,840,000 CC in tax revenue is sent to the Reserve monthly or 710,000 CC per week on average.

What America has gotten from the 'eUSA Forum meta government is a fully funded (80,000 CC p/w) 3rd rate NMU, a fully funded weapons program in the AA (25,000 CC p/w) that is open only when they decide to open the program; a failed program in Meal on Wheels and now America is funding the Department of Citizen Affairs to the tune of 25,000 CC per week. It is abundantly clear that for all this tax revenue what America has gotten is utter failure. With 710,000 CC per week going to an already bloated Reserve (20+ Million CC and counting), with 130,000 CC per week going to failed or failing meta government programs my next question is, 'How much is enough?' IMO it will never be enough for 'eUSA Forum meta government', currently the average American Citizen can not run companies and make a profit let alone supply themselves and the 'meta government' with its draconian 15% tax rate has also driven away any foreign investors; driven them straight into the arms of our enemies.

The Socialist Freedom Party believes that every government should provide for the needs of its Citizen Soldiers, it is the duty of any government to arm, feed and house every Citizen Soldier; not just here in America but in the whole of this New World that is growing around the citizens of eRepublik. In keeping with this idea the SFP has programs, which arms, feeds and houses our Citizen Soldiers; one such program is the SFP's Rainy Day Tank & Food Program. This program was recently upgraded and now fills the needs of all American Citizen Soldiers with 5 Q7 weapons and 125 pieces of Q2 food for anyone below Division 3 and 10 Q7 weapons if you're above Division 3, once a day every day. It is the SFPs hope this program will fill the void left by the seemingly now defunct meta government program Meals on Wheels and the tax funded (25,000 CC p/w)  but seldom open Arm America. Also for members of the SFP we have the 'Bear Housing Program run by Hoss1965, which offers free Q1 houses, something the 'eUSA Forum meta government' simply doesn't offer.

The Bear Cavalry is another program of the SFP, one of the oldest privately funded Militia Unit (PMU) in America; the BC has been fighting for or defending Freedom world wide since 2009 at no cost to America. Inside the BC is a another program -Build A Bear- which helps new Citizen Soldiers with upgrading their Training Centers (TC) to Q4 and to maintain a 90% savings on Training Contracts. Unlike the tax funded (80,000 CC p/w) United States Armed Forces (USAF) these programs are funded by the SFP and offer weapons, food and housing to our members. The BC is currently building a strong Division 1 and Division 2 MU, the loss to Chile in those Division proving that America needs such a unit, though BC is actively recruiting D1 and D2 American Citizen Soldiers we welcome D3 and D4 soldiers as well.

So America when you go to the polls to vote, remember who drove the 93% increase in Taxes and vote the Black Sheep Party whose members unanimously voted no on the increase, remember it was the 3 SFP members run by the AMP last election who also voted no on the increase and remember that the Tax Increase passed by 6 votes 28 - 22. Shot a PM to your Party President and express how you feel about a 93% increase in taxes, insist that your party work to lower the Tax Rate back to 8% the session. If you are tired of supporting a 3rd rate PMU as well as programs that offer little to no help for American Citizen Soldiers, then help put the SFPs Candidates in Congress by voting the Black Sheep Party.

Join the People's party the Socialist Freedom Party and help bring about Democratic change.
Join the People's forums, Socialist Freedom Party Forum and interact with our vibrate Community of Activist.
Join the Bear Cavalry and volunteer to fight for freedom around the World.

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Comrade Franklin Stone
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Comrade Frank
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