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Post by Comrade Frank on Mon Aug 17, 2015 10:36 am

Day One (16th):
Two very important things to do today:

1) Assemble a Revolutionary Committee - The Constitution states that a Party President has until the 20th to do this, but it is always good to get it started ASAP. Personally, I have started asking for Volunteers to be the non-voting members of the RC. I think this shows how inclusive we are as a party, but it isn't clearly stated on HOW to assemble an RC.

Make sure you also ask the four people you chose as your voting members to approve your other 4 appointees.

2) Open the Call for Congressional Candidates thread - MUCHO IMPORTANTE, AMIGOS Y AMIGA! This IS clearly stated in the Constitution on HOW to go about this, including dates. I have personally been handling this even when I wasn't a PP, so if you have a person assigned to be your Elections Director, he or she can handle all that too. I will talk mre in depth about that, but make sure you have this up ON THE 16TH!

3) Change your party officials on the party page in game.

Day One is an important day for every new term. Make sur eyou are on the ball.

Comrade Frank
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