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Post by Comrade Frank on Fri Aug 14, 2015 11:10 am

From SFP Forum wrote:[img width=400 height=400][/img]
Bear Cavalry, 1st Regiment, The Blackhand
Deploying Tactical Nuclear Weapons in Bangkok

[quote author=beachbunny]I am all for going after Thailand. The MPP's that we share don't bother me those are minimal and can be remade.

The thing that is holding a lot of people back is the amount of money this would cost. Its a lot. We have estimated, of course estimations change, that this would take most if not all of our reserve to accomplish.

Thailand and I don't give a flying F if it cost us the whole reserve, ofc that would start the never ending tax debate and I am sure they would will be screaming 'MAX TAXES'; revenge now![/quote]

The SFP is still awaiting an answer to our question concerning Thailand, so I thought I would drop a reminder here.... Sad
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